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TMC Forum Avatars that Move


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First off,...thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU to those TMC members who either (a) never selected an avatar (So they have colored alphabet squares as avatars) or (b) selected a calm, quiet, peaceful, motionless avatar. Bless you.

Alphabet Blocks - 3.jpg

OK, at the risk of creating a firestorm (be sure to bring your Boring Company flamethrower) of controversy, am I the only person who is driven crazy by TMC Forum avatars that move? Hard to focus on anything except the bobbing budgie or flaming EM (if only), right; Right? (I mean, am I right or am I right?)

God forbid that anyone's right to drive other people nuts should be curtailed in the USA. So instead, could there be a "button" or setting or something that would allow viewers to 'freeze' (or better yet send into electronic oblivion) a moving avatar?

In my case, this may be a mental health issue. Or borderline epilepsy, or something.

TMC Moderators please take notice. I'm inching closer to the phone book.* Now I'm looking
up ADA lawyers. In a second I'll be dialing the number. I'll do it, I swear. Eaaaah!!!!

At least I can take comfort in not being the only one...
* Younger readers will say: "What's a phone book?"
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