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TMC new posts lists not working on Model S browser

A week ago while waiting in the car I pulled up the New Posts lists on this site from the Model S browser. It showed no threads (usually it shows all threads listed in order of most recent activity). I refreshed a few times and clicked the New Posts link a few times and eventually it showed 2 or 3 threads (instead of all of them). I thought there was probably just something strange going on with this site. I was on version 2.4.253.

Since then I updated to 2.5.21 and was waiting in the car again several days later so wanted to take a look at the new posts here and it still only showed me 6 threads. I pulled out my iPhone and looked at this site on it and it looked the way it always used to, with all threads showing in order by most recent activity. My iPad also shows it correctly. So the problem is only occurring on the Model S browser.

Any ideas why the New Posts page doesn't work right from the Model S browser?