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TMC valuable resource but also lead weight at times

Members are sometimes extremely spoiled and act as lead weights to company. Let me give you two examples of recent issues
1. Roadster 3.0. Yes unexpected that 1.5 owners cannot upgrade. So claims here that roadster 1.5 cars are no longer supported. Nonsense. I believe that tesla was caught unaware that the 1.5 could not get the battery. Not malicious or dishonest as some claim. May still be working on it, no response yet. What other car company continues to UPGRADE cars they no longer make. Not for profit, I am sure with development costs it is a money loser. Instead of cud is, read pages on it and you will believe what a terrible company tesla is.
2. Model X. Car not revealed, nobody has viewed inside of car, no design studio. Yet there are pages on pages about seats and criticism. Maybe we need to see the car before knocking the car and claiming nonsense about it failing and tesla has lied about delivering a car that does less than the concept car
Well I am quite special you know!

Sometimes I think the compulsively entitled should be sentenced to go live in sub-Saharan Africa for a decade, only then may they tell me how important it is that their car is the right shade of magenta and how actually their outrage is completely justified.