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Tooele (Lakepoint) Utah inaccessable

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Patrick W

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Mar 17, 2015
The supercharger at Lakepoint, Utah (just west of Sat Lake City) is unavailable due to repaving in the parking lot.

A worker there said it will not be available until tomorrow and added "I've been waiting for one of you guys to come along".

Anyone passing through this afternoon or evening should plan on using the supercharger in SLC or, if you have enough charge to get there, in Wendover, Nevada which is about 150 km to the west.
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Got any photos?

Darn. Never thought of that. If it's still inaccessible tomorrow I'll get and post a picture.

FYI, I rang Tesla to report the problem. They said it was the first they'd heard. I suggested they adjust their supercharger map to show it unavailable but was told it take's 24 hours to get the info out. Hopefully the facility will be accessible again before that.
It was back up when I drove by last evening to get this shot. Pavement and new paint does look good but I hope they remember to warn Tesla HQ a few days before they do it again so no one get's stuck.

BTW, the folks that own the lot where the chargers are installed really like having them there as evidenced by the manager's comments in this piece that aired on local (Salt Lake City) television:
Lake Point completes network for coast-bound Tesla drivers | KSL.com

Huh, that's interesting. I hadn't seen this thread before I left on my trip, and I got down there Wednesday evening, the 23rd, and they were all accessible, and I charged there. They did have one of the other entrances to the parking lot blocked off, with another part of it being done. Funny enough, I skipped West Wendover to go to Tooele instead.