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Took 10 minutes to figure out how to remove super charge cable

I went to a party nearby Fountain Valley yesterday. I never used a super charger before, so decided to test it out for the first time. It was cool to see how fast it charged at 214A and 201 mile/hr on my car.

I didn’t need a charge, so I decided to leave after 10 minutes. I pressed the charge cable button, the charge port light turned white, but I couldn't remove the cable. I tried multiple times and used more force to pull the cable without success. I asked a fellow MS owner (btw, very nice guy) if he knows something I don’t. We tried to press “stop charging” on the display, make sure my doors are unlocked.. nothing worked. After around 20 tries, instead of pulling the charger, he pushed the charger inward, we heard a “click” sound and we were able to pull the charger out easily. We test the charger on my car again and still can’t remove the charger unless I push it in first before I can pull it out. He said someone had the same problem before, but I can’t find it on this forum.

I also wonder if I’m damaging the battery by charge and stop a charge at SC around 20+ times in 10 minutes.
Yes, some connectors fit rather tight. There's also a bit of a delay, and I've watched a couple of people supercharging run into the timing difference between the two.

Here's what happens: when you get used to the release mechanism on an AC charger (UMC, HPWC), you get a natural sense on when to pull the connector out. Supercharger connectors take slightly longer to release the locking pin. So you hit the button and time it in your head, then pull on the connector. However, because it takes around 250-500 msec longer, the locking pin hasn't released yet, and you've now pulled the connector against its locking pin. When it does release, it can't pop loose and you're just stuck there. You let go of the button and the locking pin relay re-connects.

What you're doing is the right thing - push in slightly (but not too hard) on the connector while pushing the button - wait for the click - then pull it out.

As for whether it hurts the battery, not really - it takes a while for things to ramp up.
The same thing happened to another owner I met at the Savannah, GA supercharger. I tried to help him to no avail. He called Tesla and they suggested the same thing of pushing in first and that worked for him as well.
The person I sold my Model S to called me last week from a supercharger in a panic with this same problem.

He could not disconnect the supercharger after many attemps, and another owner there was unable to get it to release either. Fortunately, I had just read this thread a few days before, and suggest pushing in while pressing the button and it worked. ;)

The other owner had a 90D and did not have problems getting the adjacent supercharger to disconnect. Could the newer, auto closing ports be a little easier to disconnect than the original ports (my VIN was in the 25000's and I notice d Freewilly's is also fairly low)
This happened to me too a few months back. Pushing it in first got it out but I only figured that out after fiddling with it for about 5 minutes. Tesla needs to either fix the problem or send out a mass email to all owners and there also should be a note for new onwers on delivery. It causes me a bit of a panic since I needed to be somewhere but thought I was stuck and would have to call service.