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Took Delivery 03.14.2021- Used 2017 MSM P100DL

Thank you all for your previous help and input on helping me decide on my 2017 MS P100DL. I took delivery yesterday and it was an interesting experience to take the car contactless. There were 8-10 cars taking delivery at the Marina Del Rey location, and with only 1 employee working. Actually I stood around for a good 15 mins not realizing I had to “accept” the car before I could gain entrance into the vehicle.

First Impressions, on a scale from 1-10, the exterior of the car was a 9! I was extremely happy to see the car looking almost perfect. Very few scratches less than 1/2'” and very hard to see. I checked under carriage at the chassis and everything looked super clean. Not many swirls, and a good detail with a paint level correction will make it perfect. I plan to put a ceramic coating on it and PPF the front. The front license plate holder was removed already, that helps me skip a step and was happy about it. I checked all the tires and wheels and everything seemed 98% clean, no road rash.

After I gained access, I checked all the doors and windows, frunk and trunk, and sunroof. All things worked great. Interior of the car was still in great condition, but it did have an odor, and when I checked the trunk and charging accessories I found dog hair. This will def be going in for a deep detail for the interior as I am allergic to most dogs (except my own labradoodle). Other than that, I was surprised that I had AP3 + FSD, and the upgraded MCU2 makes everything super fast and my son is going bonkers over the arcarde games and ability to stream.

Some things that I took note of and emailed my rep right away:
  1. Saw some Powdery orange dusty in the LED Fog light area. Looked like rust, but someone else told me it might be pollen from the trees
  2. When I popped the trunk it was missing the privacy cover. I know those aren’t cheap. I got “relieved” of my previous one when I put it down at Home Depot to load something and when I came back for it, it was gone. Tesla quoted me $300 ish to replace it, I decided not to replace it.
  3. ***LED strips on both headlamps look burned out ( looks like this is a common issue with the refresh of 16-18 models )
  4. Alignment is off- car drifts to the right
  5. Tesla Rep said I could not buy Extended Service Warranty for a Used Tesla
Looks like 1-4 will be taken care of by Tesla per my rep (hopefully this happens) I was wondering if #5 is doable. My First Model S was private party sale and I was able to purchase a 4 year bumper -to-bumper extended warranty.

P.S. I've been watching a lot of videos with White cars with both black and white interiors. Panda or Stormtrooper look. As much as I love that look, super impressed with Midnight Silver Metallic and the complexity of the paint. Super happy with this choice.


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Congrats. Note. Performance Models have the larger Rear Drive unit. On models 2017 and earlier, apparently its a very common issue for a rear internal seal to begin leaking. (2018 and later have revised rear drive units with improved seal). If caught early, you can save your drive unit and inverter. Easy to check/inspect for leaks. There is a vendor in Cali that will inspect for free and repair if its leaking. Search around on this forum for details.