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Took delivery of my MY SR this past Saturday

Picked up my White/white MY Standard today at Kitchener, Ontario. Staff were friendly and I inspected the car with my checklist before signing. I did find some issues but not nearly enough to reject it. VIN 109xxx. Old console with heated steering wheel.
1) some scratches on lower rear bumper (black area)
2) some marks on headliner
3) some minor alignment/gap issues on headlights and tail lights. Tail lights were within Tesla spec.
4) some left over plastic/paper between glass ceiling and headliner.
5) a cable tie protruding out from under the car
6) frunk sensor was not working. Car thought frunk was open but it was not. They replaced the sensor on the spot.
7) a couple very small paint chips at back of passenger door.
8) two of the 4 doors don't really close properly, you sort of have to slam them. Front passenger side door and rear passenger door (driver's side).
Looks like a big list but most of the issues were minor and I will schedule service and get them looked at. Car drives great. No squeaks or rattles except the passenger seatbelt which happens when it is not in use.

Overall happy! I have already put a screen protector on, wrapped the (old) console with matte black, and the car is currently in at a shop getting PPF.


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Congrats! I'm sure you'll love the car.

We picked up our MSM MY SR on Saturday as well. In Laval.

Was pleasantly surprised, only a few issues we found. A couple small scratches on some plastic parts of the car (camera housing on the driver side and above the rear wheel on the driver side as well, a small scuff on the interior trim above the driver. Seems like all of our issues were found on the driver side, lol.

Zero big problems, like panel gaps and whatnot. Considering all the horror stories I've read all over the place, I was extremely happy about this.

Our VIN was 126XXX - has the heated steering wheel and new console.