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Tool Balancer: My new favorite home charger hack

You know how gas pumps have that retracting cord that keeps the hose off the ground? I bought a tool balancer and made the same thing for my wall charger. I'm really happy with the results would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a more organized charger area or needs to charge more than one vehicle.

The tool balancer is rated at 11-19 lbs and is more than powerful enough to retract quickly and fully. I was going to go all out with wire loom to build a cable attachment, but this bungee cord wrap ended up being perfect.

Tool balancers can be somewhat spendy new, but I got mine for $50 on eBay.

Completed install:

Tool balancer mount:

Close-up of cable support from the other side:
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Ha. That is actually very cool. I hadn't thought of that.
On a side note, I was distracted a bit by the huge snake conduit. Did they think you were going to power the whole neighborhood through that connection? :eek: Thanks for the photos.
Hahah, yeah that was about the burliest conduit we could find. Technically there's enough room in there to run a second 60A circuit, though I don't think we'll ever need it even after the 3 arrives.
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