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Top 5 reasons for buying a Model S

Business insider are running a story this morning on Tesla superchargers, in short one of the main reasons for buying a Tesla is becoming a problem due to wait times at some US superchargers, this brings me to a question how important was the Supercharger in your decision to purchase? personally I would have still have ordered the vehicle even if there was no such thing as a Supercharger, its a great idea but the Model S has so many other attractions that grab my attention.

my top 5:
1.The Model S can be charged at home using renewable energy ( similar to other EVs but with more range )
2. It can be driven over 400km on a charge at reasonable speeds.
3. The Model S has minimal servicing, no oil/filter changes, air cleaners, fuel filters, think about all the parts a full EV DOESN'T have and dont need repair/replacing.
4.It's a mighty fine looking motor vehicle, EV or ICE, in fact in the EV category Model S is first, daylight is second.
5.Tesla's priority is to build Electric cars that benefit the human race, other car makers build electric cars to benefit the shareholders.

If I had a top 10 Superchargers would still not make it ( it's still a great concept though!)

does anyone else have a top 5?
my top 5
1. 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds. I am a self confessed revhead, and my last three cars have all been high performance vehicles
2. Enough room in the back to accommodate the entire family (last car was a 2 seater and not popular with the wife)
3. Range
4. Love the tech
5. Charging the vehicle easily and greenly at home

Supercharges were not in my top 10 either. I still think that Tesla has a obligation to provide a supercharger network, and this should be based on sales in the region rather than connecting all of the Australian cities. If they told owners that for every 25 (or so) cars sold in a city they would set up a supercharger, then owners would have the ability to vote on the location of a supercharger. If Tesla do not plan to install superchargers all around Australia (in the near future) then I would suggest they should provide the additional adaptors with the purchase of the vehicles. It's worth noting that the purchase price of a vehicle essentially has a built in contribution to increase the size of the supercharger network, so if they don't install them relating to sales in a region, then we are essentially subsidising the USA & other markets.
My top 5 reasons for buying a P85D

1. Its the fastest 4-door car on the road - competitors like M5, E63AMG, Panamera are slower and more expensive.
2. Its the safest car on the road (at any price point IMHO), especially in a collision.
3. Practicality. It can carry all the kids and luggage etc easily, but still has all the performance.
4. Superchargers and home charging make it very cheap to run
5. Technology inside and out. Also a pure engineering concept (not compromised like a hybrid). Fewer moving parts, simplicity in the drivetrain, so innovative and brave from a design standpoint.

The environmental/sustainability 'save the world' stuff was never a consideration for me. Its really just the best car available right now, period.
I spent $50K more for my Tesla Model S that I have ever spent on a vehicle before.
I seriously doubt that I would have bought my Model S if it did not meet my top 5 reasons.

1. It is fast and drives like no other car.
2. It is a beautiful looking car.
3. Free supercharger network and 85KW/hr battery means I can drive it almost anywhere and replace, not compliment my ICE vehicles.
4. The technology and impressive design philosophy that is both clean and elegant.
5. It's 100% electric - no complicated hybrid power-train and no gasoline engine.

As far as I am concerned, the supercharger network is pure genius. It addresses the top two concerns that most people have electric cars - long charging times and limited charging infrastructure. The 265 mile range addresses the third issue - range. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in having the existence of the supercharger network be the final piece to help justify purchasing a Model S.
I responded to that article which I thought was just drivel reprinted from hyped up media overseas.

Top 5 reasons in no particular order are:

1. it's fast
2. you can charge it at home
3. heaps of space
4. interior "consumer" technology
5. Perhaps most importantly to tie it all together - it makes people think about buying environmentally automotive transport without even needing the environment as a reason (eg 917Stark's reasons above).
I really wanted the Roadster but didn't do it because of cost and it's lack of utility - my wife's car is a BMW roadster and so we'd have needed a 3rd car just to do any kind of shopping! I was lucky enough to drive one to Canberra and back, hooking me on the EV drivetrain.

My top 5 - once again not in any order are;

1. The performance available from the Tesla drivetrain
2. No more money going to fund oil wars
3. Looks Great
4. Brilliant Technology and functionality
5. No pollution

I'd never have bought the car without the range, and would have thought more carefully about it without the supercharger network.
I have been almost obsessed with cars since I was very young.
Unlike many car enthusiasts my interest was not in big V8s or powerful sports cars, but in the history and story of the development of the technology of car design and engineering. My heroes were people like Otto Daimler, Camille Jenatzy, Raymond Leowy, Claus Luthe and even Felix Wankel amongst others. I had posters of Citroen DS, SM, NSU Ro80 and Panhard CT24 on my walls. So pretty strange kid. :wink:
As soon as I had the income I bought cars that were, in my opinion, technically interesting as well as suited my needs. I had one of the first A Class Mercedes and for the first 6 months of ownership it caused more interest from the public than even my Model S.
So IMHO there is no more technically advanced car on the market, for any price, than Model S.
So that's a long way of saying that the number one reason I bought a Model S was as my contribution to the development of the modern automobile, as I have some faith in technology solving world problems like Elon does.
That includes with it the reduced environmental impact and use of fossil fuels, so the environment is a big factor.
When I ordered the car in 2012 there was no guarantee that Australia would ever get a Supercharger network, so that is a surprising bonus that had no bearing on my decision.
Its a combined decision for me as its 'my car' but really 'our car' (my wife and I) and we have it for different reasons. My own reasons are similar to meloccom, I like interesting/innovative cars, most of my previous cars have been Citroens (when they made interesting cars before the Peugeot takeover) and currently have a smart Roadster. I'm also a keen environmentalist and believe in actively bringing about the change that I want to see in the world. We mainly use the car for travel up and down the Hume so for my wife it was more about the safety and the economy, particularly with the Supercharger network. She was most unimpressed by the purchase price, our previous 'expensive car' had cost $45k, so the Superchargers were a big point in the sale.

1. Drives like a magic carpet dream and like a bat outta hell depending on my mood.
2. Virtually free to drive from a fuel perspective. With my EV rate, I actually pay $100 LESS per month for electricity than I used to.
3. The green aspect is very important for me.
4. Tech and remote updates to firm- and software
5. Essentially no maintenance. Except for those damn 21"ers, but I love them anyway.

SCs definitely factored into my decision and I have never had to wait at one. But I rarely need to use them. Only mistake I made was getting dual charges, which I expect I will never use. Lesson learned.
1. The demonstration that Finally it can be done workable range, with complete recycle ability at the eventual end of life.
2. The stylising- sleek, beautiful, functional, durable
3. Safe- beyond any measure of previous cars and I am a bit sensitive on that having had a near fatal car prang 6 weeks before my wedding - years ago.
4. Drive performance- up their with the best there's ever been
5. Elon Musk - He deserves the gratitude of customers for going out on the limb further than anyone believed and then some more to Prove is can be done- then did it!

They simply need to keep ignoring the auto industry and the revolution can continue. Funny how Tesla has already changed OUR worlds dont you think?:biggrin:
1). As many independent awards, reviews etc. have confirmed it is a damn good car and improves over time as new or improved features are added over the air.
2). It is competitive price wise with similar premium/luxury cars.
3). I can power it emission free from a combination of PV cells and 100% renewable tariff.
4). It looks damn good.
5). I admire people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson that shake up the status quo in various industries and this is a way to be part of that disruption.

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