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Tow hitch bike rack for model y

I havent read this whole post but someone posted a 160 lbs max weight limit on the hitch receiver ? That is idiotic. Was that for the Tesla bike rack itself, that it can only hold 160# ? Or were you trying to say the hitch receiver itself (made out of 1/2" thick cold rolled, bolted into the frame with bolts large enough to also incorporate the tow eye suitable for about 10,000 lbs vertical load) can only hold 160 ? What the hell are you guys smoking ? Ive carried prob 500 lbs of dirtbikes on the receiver, and then jumped my fat 200 lb ass up and down on it ... it doesnt move, its prob the strongest thing on the whole car since they didnt optimize weight.

I believe it if you told me Telsa has under-engineered their gourmet over-priced bike hitch, and it only holds 160 lbs worth of bikes ... but i ASSURE you the hitch receiver itself could take probably take double the weight of the entire vehicle. Remember, the rear tow eye is incorporated into the rear bumper, which mounts using ... gasp ... the exact same bolts that also install the tow hitch. They had to design that connection to lift a 5,000 lb tesla vertically up a cliff, sometimes filled with mud and water.

The hitch receiver is designed per industry standards, you would NEVER distort or otherwise inflict damage on the receiver, or its mounting bolts into the frame. You would bottom and crush the rear suspension LONG before that receiver or its mounting bolts would yield. You are seriously off by a factor of like 100 here on the amount of load that receiver could take before it failed ...

What is entirely likely, however, is if you load the hell out of the rear end of the vehicle, it upsets the weight/balance of the vehicle and at high speeds the front end could get light, causing the sine wave to occur (which is never fun). Bottom line - you are more than safe to load vertically to to the rated tongue weight of 350, and most likely far beyond. But ... dont be stupid and load it heavy in the rear then go into full track driving mode on the street. If you load it up to 350 or so, you drop the rear end ride height, so big bumps at high speed could cause you to hit the bump stops and make for an even worse ride than usual.
Just picked up my MY performance and I want to buy a 4 bike rack for the tow hitch. Looking for recommendations on what to buy. Thank you!
We've been using a Thule rack for the last several vehicles and it's sturdy but light. This link is for their 4 bike rack. One thing to be aware of though is that the different geometries of the bikes can interfere with each other. I can fit our 2 gravel grinders on the Thule but also have to add some foam pieces to elevate my wife's handlebars to make the setup work. So try before you buy!
Well said.

I just purchased the Kuat V2 3-bike in another thread and it weighs 51 lbs, giving me just enough weight budget for two cruisers and a hybrid or road bike. No way I could do it with a 4-bike Kuat.

That said, the Hollywood Destination 4 platform rack weighs only 42 lbs and could theoretically carry four hybrid or road bikes and stay under the 160-lb total vertical weight limit. I returned it only because it uses a threaded anti-rattle pin, which made it near impossible to use a lockable pin with the stock OEM hitch (due to the towing electrical plug being in the way). If locking the rack to the hitch is not important, or you use an aftermarket hitch, then the Destination 4 rack is probably your best bet for a platform style rack for four bikes. Otherwise, there’s the lockable Allen 4-bike hanging style rack. I have used it in the past but there’s risk of the bikes rubbing against each other and you’d need a special bar to hang step-thru bikes.


Here’s a pic of the Hollywood Destination 4 and Tesla OEM hitch. It installs fine with threaded anti-rattle pin fully in and a cotter pin, but won’t fit with a key lock. Hollywood customer service suggested going out and picking up several extra thick washers to use on the right side but I didn’t bother since it was still difficult to insert the key in the lock on the left and apparently there isn’t a compatible 90-degree lock due to the threaded pin design.

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For the Hollywood destination 4 bike rack, you can buy any right angle lock and it’ll work. I bought the curt (blue color) right angle lock and it fits.

Got the Hollywood because it’s light (42 lbs) and pretty cheap (so are my bikes), not sure if I even need to buy that lock, haha


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I currently use the Yakima full tilt. It holds 4 bikes and I use the Yakima bike bar for all 3 bikes but my youngest bike goes in the trunk as it’s still too small. I’m happy with this setup. Although the red Yakima logo is a bit much, still think it will look good when I combine that with a Yakima roof product. The Tesla bike rack is more reserved with the Tesla logo and small Tesla name on it.
It's a KTM 300 XC-W dirtbike, weighs about 245 lbs.
The rack itself is about another 45lbs, so probably 290-300lbs total depending on attachments, gas tank lvl, etc... I have a similar set up for my Husky FE501S. It's about 310lbs at the tongue. All the other noise about 160lbs max weight for the hitch with a bike rack is probably around twisting torque when cornering, not purely downward weight on the hitch. I haven't assessed my hitch yet, but I'm guessing anyone would be ok doing the dirt bike like in the pic as long as they stayed calm in the corners.

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