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Tow Receiver Key exchange and help for each other!

OK, so we just got another X from Tesla, much like last time they didn't get the little red key for the tow receiver adapter (the part that protrudes downwards and comes in a little black tesla case with 2 keys). Their "fix" is to remove the entire rear tow hitch receiver system and put a new one on. To me this is a wasteful approach and although they will do so at no cost I'm hoping to salvage what I have before they do so.

So, my ask (and maybe we can all participate and have value from this):
Everyone gets 2 keys with their adapters, so we all have one "spare" key which if we haven't lost them both (should just keep the key in the bag and the bag in the frunk) we don't really need.

The keys and the hitch-lock mechanism have numbers on them, the keys are coded to the locks with those numbers. They are 000-200; all of the ones I've seen have been under 050 though.

We should all check our keys and post here what our key numbers are and if we are willing to share the keys if someone ends up without one for theirs (just purchased from Tesla for example, this is second time for me so I think they often don't have the keys).

I have one set of keys for my spare receiver kit, it is coded "027", if someone needs 027 let me know!

I am in need of a key coded "025" for the one installed right now...

Anyone have 025? Anyone else want to share their codes and try to help each other?
Hi ElectricLove,

You may want to check with a locksmith.
The keys are very simple with only 4 cuts in them(Double Sided).
A skilled locksmith should be able to pick and unlock the Bosal insert.
Once removed a replacement set of keys could be made...
Or the lock cylinder could be replaced.
The replacements would probably not include the colored plastic knob,
but a normal key with a head might be easier to operate.

My key code is 044...

Good luck,

Well, they already replaced mine now but gave me a new one so I now have 004 and 027 available. I no longer need any keys but if anyone else does, looks like we have a few participants in the list now!
There are three digits stamped into the metal where the key goes in to the cylinder.

P.s. Welcome to the forums! Also, nice to meet another MX owner nearby! I use the P'Cola service center when needed. Those guys are great!