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Tpms help

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hey guys. Bought new rims off a guy from
Here and they are 19 in slipstreams which were powdercoated. Asked for tpms w them and paid extra but the tpms arent working and tesla thinks maybe wrong tpms. Had tiresfrom
Costco (pilot sport as 3+ which are awesome
Btw) Vin last six are 169903. Tesla is offering to change tpms but i think will cost 140 per tpms. Any options to obtain cheaper and have done at tire shop to save or am i stuck paying 600 plus labor?
VINs greater than 050900 need to use the 433 MHz TPMS modules manufacturered by Continental. VINs prior to that need the older 315 MHz Baolong TPMS modules.

My hunch is that the wheels you have are supplied with the Baolong modules, you need the Continentals.

Tesla should be able to sell you these for $50 each, and that is generally the least expensive you'll find them. Check with Tesla again, make sure they are quoting you the correct part number and price.

With the resale of wheels becoming quite popular, someone needs to start a TPMS swap thread. You have Baolongs and need Continentals, and I just sold a set of wheels to someone that's in the opposite situation.
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Oh man. Thats very helpful! So ur saying the cost on continentals should only be $50 a piece? Wow tesla quoting a lot more

Ya, the modules themselves should only be $50 each. Telsa might be quoting you the module plus the labor to swap them out (have to take wheel off car, unmount tire from wheel, swap module, remount tire, rebalance tire & wheel, then remount on car). If this is the case, just buy the modules by themselves and then have a tire shop do the swap, it'll be cheaper.
Vin ..82310 would use the newer (VDO) sensor

Tesla seems to have raised the price. Don’t be surprised if the parts are more.

You can buy the genuine VDO modules online. $48.79 at RockAuto.

2015 TESLA S ELECTRIC Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor | RockAuto

You will still need to find a tire shop to switch them out.

Tires have date codes. I would check. If the tires are from some early year, like 2012, I would seriously consider replacing them, and then just give the new tpms to the shop doing the tires.