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TPMS system is acting weird

First got a notification on the screen saying that tire pressure is low and the yellow check tire signal. I checked the tire pressures with the Tesla Tire repair kit and also with a store bought digital gauge. The tire pressure TPMS shows is quite different from the ones these two other gauges show. Anyway, after a few days the tire check symbol went away. Over a few days things became better and aligned but now I see the following discrepancy.

Today the tire pressures that TPMS shows and what I get from external gauges is as follows:

Front Driver side: 41 (TPMS), 46 (other gauges)
Front Passenger side: 40 (TPMS), 40 (other gauges)
Back Driver side: 40 (TPMS), 40 (other gauges)
Back Passenger side: 47 (TPMS), 40 (other gauges)

I feel the front driver side and back passenger side numbers are mixed up. Anyone see a similar issue with Model Y TPMS?