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Tracking energy usage

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I've found some older posts where people used spreadsheets to track their per charge, monthly, and lifetime energy, but I am curious if there is an iOS and Android app that makes this easier.

I'd be a bit surprised if there wasn't since there are so many apps for tracking gas mileage.
Hi Manis:
Have you looked into the EVtripplanner Tracking App? It runs on your computer.

Do a google search on Tesla Energy Tracking and it will be at the top of the list....

Here is some background on it... this effort also makes EVTripPlanner a better tool as it will aggregate your data with other Tesla data.

About the EVTripPlanner Tracker App

For our Route Energy Calculator to be useful, we need lots of REAL WORLD DATA. This allows us to tune our calculations so that we can hit our goal of being able to estimate the actual energy usage for a route within 5%. By downloading and running the app on your Java-enabled PC, you will help make our energy calculations more accurate. You'll also be able to track your car from any computer (speed, location, energy, etc). The app will eventually look like an "enhanced dashboard" that will update as if you were in the car. We are also doing some reports, like this acceleration best-time analysis (you can just put in your Vehicle ID shown in the Tracker app after you have some data to analyze).
Here is how to install and use the Tracker::

  1. Download the Tesla Model S Tracker (Tracker.jar) onto your computer.
  2. Run Tracker.jar (you must have Java runtime installed - most computers have it, but you can check if you have it installed here)
  3. Enter your myTesla (web site) username and password and click 'Log In' button: This is required to access the telemetry feed on your Model S (just like the mobile app and the Tesla factory) so that we can gather position/velocity/energy information from your car. You can select to save the login information on your local disk. We NEVER send see your login or to our server - it is only used to log into the Tesla Motors server and only saved (if you request it) to your local disk. We have also published the source code just to help dispell concerns. Obviously, this is an issue with any app that requires a login...
  4. The Tracker will then:
    • Log into the Tesla server and request information about your car. This lets us know the battery size and wheel size, for example. These are needed to do accurate correlation between energy usage and the car characteristics.
    • Stream position/velocity/temperature/energy information from your car and save it in a log file on your disk and also to our database. The database does NOT CONTAIN ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION - just the operational data from your car so we can tune our algorithm.
    • Allow someone at the cmputer to see where the car is and what speed it is going
This is still an early test version, so it may not be perfect. For example, if it stops updating the data, it may need to be restarted. Thanks for helping make the Route Energy Calculator a better tool for EV owners to plan their road trips.