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Traction control disabled - drive with caution

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Moderator comment - thread renamed for clarity from "Software issues"

Had my Model 3 for 1 year and just short of 20K miles. Few minor issues,but,overall very happy. Last few weeks the car has been having a few issues- when locked with keycard the wing mirrors don’t fold and car radio stays on. car doors are locked. Open and lock car with keycard and all ok. Just updated to new software and all ok For first few days. Last 3 days the car driver assist all fails. Every error light you can imagine. The main issue is with braking. Driving to a roundabout and suddenly regenerative braking warning message to say not working! and the car almost free wheels in front of a lorry! I have been one pedal driving for months ,so,rarely use the brake pedal. This was too close for comfort. Not sure if anyone else has had this? Just waiting for a tow truck as I told Tesla I do not feel safe driving the car when the regenerative braking stops working without warning! Hopefully it will be a quick fix.


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any update my m3 sr plus had this happen with 4.11 and once i updated to 4.12 it went away. now came back with 4.15. i know they messed with the cold weather improvements to regen braking wonder if there is a software issue. why would these errors go away with an update?
had an alignment done by tesla and the problem went away then got software update 2021.4.18 and all the errors came back. traction control abs regen disabled and not autopilot. dropped off at the service center tonight. they are looking at it tomoorow.