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Trade-in Timing

I put my deposit down on an inventory Model 3 last night. I am selling my 2015 Jeep Wrangler to cover much of the cost, however, Tesla's offer was very low, so I am considering selling to a dealership or to my dad. I am in a rural area so CarMax/Carvana/etc is out of the question.

I got a text this morning asking me to pick my Model 3 up from the Richmond store on the 23rd, 24th, or 25th of this month. My best bet is probably going to be sell to my dad, but I won't know if he's ready to buy until the 20th (he is out of the country until then). Is that going to be too late to have the money from the Jeep rolled up in a part of the loan?

I'm pretty sure I'll get a better offer from our local Jeep dealership than I will Tesla, but again, I really won't know what way I'm going to go until 3 days or so before I'm supposed to take delivery. And even then, there is time needed for my dad to set up financing, transfer the money (either option), etc.

My dad will certainly give me the best deal out of the 3 options, but is the timing not going to work out? Is there a way to pick up the car later than Tesla offers, or handle the financial stuff after-the-fact?