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Trade in

I had a pretty good experience with the Tesla trade in. Originally I uploaded my trade info before test driving; they came in lower then KBB. I scheduled another test drive a month later (after a Mach - E test drive) and after the test drive, pulled the trigger and made a deposit. I told the SA that Tesla's offer was way lower than KBB. They said they would try again. 24 hours later Tesla came back above KBB; appx $2500 above the first offer. I wonder if the SA put a note into the system asking for a bit more as we had a deposit in and not just another test drive. Bottom line, both trade estimates took about 24 hours to come back.
I ordered on Saturday 3/27 and was surprised the process was held up at the approval for my trade-in. So this morning I texted my SA and he pit an expedite on it and within two hours I had my estimate. What concerned me is I got 3 emails that I needed to approve the estimate to continue the process.

So the estimate was close enough to the Carmax estimate and actually better when considering the sales tax so I took the Tesla offer. Now I wait for the VIn #. Need that for the Insurance.