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Trading in your car toTesla...

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...is probably not a good idea. Tesla offered me 8500euro for my 2014 Toyota Auris Hybrid. My Toyota dealer offered 8700ero.

I went with wirkaufendeineauto who gave me 10775 euro for it. I handed the car over last Friday and they'd transferred the money to my account by Monday.
Being in the USA, I'm not familiar with what type of place wirkaufendeineauto is.

Over here though, we pay sales tax on the balance of the vehicle price AFTER the value of the trade-in has been subtracted. So we would end up paying sales tax (figure 10%) on the additional 8500euro in your situation, which still makes your independent sale a better deal, but it's a factor to consider with our situation.

50,000 price
10,000 trade-in
Sales tax is only charged on 40,000.