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Traffic Flow Data different in Satellite view vs. Map view


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Aug 10, 2014
Mountain West
This morning I was driving and Waze on my phone showed heavy traffic. Model 3 traffic data showed nothing on standard map view. I swapped over to satellite and saw the back up. See screen shots attached. I noticed this before once, just wasn't really paying attention to the difference.
I am getting this too both on 2018.12 and whatever I was on before (9 or 10 I think). If I turn traffic off and back on it updates. But it won't even update when the car is off. For example, when I get in my car after work it will be displaying the traffic conditions from that morning.
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I noticed that my Model 3 doesn't continuously update traffic data as I drive.

Yikes. Is this "normal" Tesla maps behavior? Or is it a bug?

If you don't do anything to force the traffic to update, will it still update eventually, on some kind of schedule? (Like, every 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or whatnot?) Or will it just not update at all?

And does it change estimated travel times/ETA's and choose optimal routes based on traffic info, or no?
Thanks for the heads up. I keep my Model 3 in satview all the time. It *seems* to reflect current traffic (though some traffic patterns here in the Bay Area are pretty constant), but now I'll pay more attention, maybe compare it to my phone once in a while.
I did email nav feedback. Multiple days. Multiple areas. I don't really care for sat unless I am stopped looking for something in an area. All pics show 3 or 4 bars on connectivity.

When things work people trust them. When they stop working or are showed to be not reliable one tends to gravitate towards things that are reliable.

Currently I would be all up for taping my phone to my screen and letting the screen go black.