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Traffic info not shown in the navigation display [Update; problem solved]

If you have premium connectivity (i.e early premium interior) then you see lots of little red lines on roads, indicating the traffic and you also get satellite view.

If you don't have this, like me (wife does as she got M3 when is was a simpler world), then you do not see the live traffic (that's the little red lines) or Satellite view, however, it has always been case, and still is that traffic is taken into account no matter when or what model you have.
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Does anyone know where this traffic data is pulled from? Mine often shows red/yellow lines when there is no traffic at all (as I'm sure it does for others). Just curious.

I don't know where it gets it's data, but yes, wife complains about all the roads around her appearing to be congested when there is almost no traffic to speak of. It's as though it's not filtering stops/traffic lights properly and treating them like little mini backups.