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Traffic Render stopped after FSD

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MYLR23 - 2024.14.6/FSD12.3.6
This is a weird one, please bear with me. I have been enjoying my free month of FSD, though since I work from home I don't drive anywhere as much as I used to. I really don't feel like I got to play with it as much as I liked, so I opted to pick up FSD for another month so that I can play with it. Yesterday, I FSD'd all the way to a party, and I parked in a parking garage. It was nice. When I got back to my car 3ish hours later though, some weird stuff started happening.

First, I noticed my "smart blinkers" are not working properly. When I first bought the car it had 2 different levels of signaling. One where it just blinkers a couple times, and then a full blinker. When they changed it so that both levels were smart I jumped on that immediately. But even though the setting hasn't changed in the UI, my smart blinkers aren't smart anymore. I have to do a full blink if I want to turn.

The 2nd thing I noticed as I sat at a stoplight was that the stoplights were not rendering on the screen anymore. That surprised me a bit, but not super important. As I drove home I realized that FSD wasn't available and that all of the road line rendering that it normally does is gone.

I took this picture waiting for the light to change. You can see it isn't showing any of the lane lines, and the little steering wheel up at the top to indicate where you can use FSD/Autopilot is missing. I have some free time this morning so I might pop outside and try doing that scroll wheel reboot thing to see if it fixes it, but I am open to additional other suggestions.

I, too, am using the free FSD (supervised) - and it's done weird things too. I tried rebooting (I'm assuming you've done that too) - but for me? It didn't change the weirdness (for example, the speed limit would suddenly drop massively while I was on the freeway, and I'd have to reset it; or the "full visualization screen" would continually reset even thought I prefer the standard navi view (like you show). I take it all as bugs in the system - and yes, it's not "quite" ready for prime time just yet. But - V12 is definitely far, far superior in functionality to V11 for sure.