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TRAINING for Tesla Stores?

Tesla Store Employees

1- I hope we can get Tesla employees will respond. They have actual knowledge.

2- Most (perhaps all?) do not own Tesla cars. Not many can afford S/X.

3- Do they get more than just a "TEST" drive? How about they get the car for a full week? Yes, commute to work.

4- Employees don't have the knowledge/experience to explain AutoPilot. There fore they don't. Is that right?
Are there videos that explain AutoPilot well?

Those with actual knowledge, please let us know.
I would think they would at least get training that includes detailed reading of the owners manuals. I’d had several cases where they have told me things that contradict what’s in the manuals (and I don’t mean things that we know don’t work, like autowipers before we got them, etc.).

Just this much would get them much more ‘savvy’.
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