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Transferring a Model 3 (or S or X) Between Accounts

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Anyone else trying to get Tesla to move a Model 3 -- the vehicle, not a reservation -- from one myTesla account to another?

In my case, trying to get the car into an account set up for my parents but the car started out in my own account.

Originally described to me by the Delivery Specialist as a "two day" action item, we're now at Day 26.

Latest feedback I have from my DS is that the internal team involved is encountering problems migrating cars between accounts for Model S, Model X and "especially" Model 3.

So... anyone else seeing this problem?

Anyone else got any feedback from Tesla about it? I'm worried that this problem will become another infamous no-communication, no-internal-pressure, seemingly-endlessly delayed Tesla nit.

Anyone else know how to bug at Tesla about this? I hate bothering my DS about it, he's a good guy, he's overloaded, he's got a ton of cars to arrange delivery for, it's pretty clear that he doesn't have much (any?) control over this issue, so the internal team gets to hide behind him and he takes the brunt of my questions and frustration.