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Traveling Salesman - Using Every Supercharger in DFW Area


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Oct 13, 2012
Kansas, USA
I expect to be traveling through the DFW area in the near future traveling along I-35 coming from the South. I'd be driving through at about noon on either a Sunday or Monday depending upon the final travel plans.

Does anyone have a suggested route to take through town to hit all 7 Supercharger locations in the DFW area? This would be for the 6 in the "metro" area and also Italy, TX. Based on my direction of travel, Italy would likely be the first as I approach DFW and Denton would be the last as I head on down the road. Depending upon my travel route going South, I may also need/want to stop at Corsicana. Not being familiar with the area, just wanting local guidance for optimal routing. Traffic wise, I suspect Monday would be a lot worse than driving through on Sunday, possibly while people are still in church.

Yes, this is only because of the Superchargers Visited "challenge"....
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You're not planning to skip Waco (Bellmeade), are you? If you're coming in from 35S you may be able to pick that one up, too, with minimal detour.

As for travel times, you'll obviously have less "rush hour" traffic on Sunday but if you're traveling between 9 am and 3 pm or so Monday you'll also avoid much of the rush hour headache.
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