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Trick to turn off stormwatch?

I'm in SoCal and yesterday my powerwalls went into stormwatch mode - I'm sure many had the same experience. My house started filling the batteries from the grid, and given SoCal isnt really under risk of losing power I decided I'd just turn off stormwatch. Moments later it went back to charging only over solar and I forgot all about it.

Then, last night, at around 11pm, it seems like stormwatch kicked in again and started running my house off the grid. Wha? Stormwatch was already toggled off in my app, so i toggled on/off again...no change. It was late so I left it alone and went to bed.

Today, it continues to run off grid, and I've tried just about every configuration available in the app. TOU. Backup only. Self powered. Storm watch on/off. The only way I can get my house to run off powerwalls right now is to go flip my breaker and disconnect from the grid (which I have now done).

Anybody had a similar experience that can offer help? I'd like to remain self powered this week as I believe the risk is below my threshold.
I got the same stormwatch activation yesterday, and I'm not even in SCE's PSPS area. I did not immediately turn it off, as I was at 99%, and waited until solar production was just above house load, then I turned it off. It has not charged from the grid since, and I have not turned it back on.

The only thing I can suggest is you try resetting the gateway, if you have one that has a reset button. Be sure to restore your main beakers first, as the powerwall won't charge or discharge during the reset.