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Trim on gear selector coming off

Took my car in for service today for the AC and also mentioned to them that the trim on the stalk is coming off. When the tech looked at it he said it should be covered under warranty and that they would replace the whole steering column control module which includes both stalks! Seems a little excessive for a small piece of plastic that snaps on. but if its covered, I'll take it. I told them that if its not covered then don't touch it! That sounds expensive!

Anyone else had an issue like this?


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Happens all the time and they've always said it's normal. I just push it down and live with it because, from what I've heard from people who've pushed the issue, replaced versions are the same or worse. As I understand it, there's a wire bundle under there that doesn't lie flat and, with a lack of someplace to "snap" the cover into, it tends to lift up every now and then.

My luck, if glue is used, Murphy would cause a short in the bundle right after doing the self-fix and the warranty would be voided.