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Trip display says 1e+05 km

As Eberhard pointed out some time ago, the Tesla roadster cannot display 100,000 km on the odometer.

Why is it impossible to do 100.000 km with the Roadster?

Now in my model S I have crossed the 100,000 km line in the trip display B. But it shows as 1e+05 km. As several others in this forum I am using the trip computer to track my lifetime energy usage (I resetted it by mistake in the first month of ownership, but haven't touched B since).

150818 1e+05.jpg

After driving some more the number will not budge. Maybe if I pass 2e+05. Or will I have to wait for 1e+06? I will report back.

So this is a minor annoyance.

What annoys me more than this, ist the fact, that all the km numbers are not handled well. As Eberhard pointed out in the case of the roadster, the miles are simply converted to km and then rounded. So often the trip odometer jumps from xx1.3 to xx1.5, just jumping over xx1.4. I assume the jump is caused by 0.1 incremental miles being converted to km.

Anyone aware of significant digits?

At least give the miles number one or two more digits and then convert to km. All will be fine and accurate enough. But these seemingly random jumps in the digits are annoying.

How about using SI units and converting to miles for those people who want it.

I know Tesla has software projects with higher priority, but just wanted to say.
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Interesting. I think it'll display 2e+05 when you pass 200,000km, but hopefully they would have fixed this before you hit that mileage... excuse me, I meant... kilometerage?? Sorry.. I'm very US-centric.