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trip down 95 to Florida

Got our 85S i tampa, Fl 12/14 but shipped it back up north at end of winter rather than drive it but want to drive it back and forth this year. we go down rt.95 and some superchargers seem far from each other like between Savannah, Ga and lake city,Fl. has anyone driven it all the way on this route and if so any advise?
I've done it a couple of times and have not had any issues. With the trip graph in the energy section, you can see what the estimated charge level will be at your destination. You may need the navigation system for that though. I try to charge to a level where I will have at least 10% at the next Supercharger.
I've only done MA to SC. No problems.

Avoid Bethesda,MD if you can. Delaware is the only supercharger I've seen get crowded. The rest of that section is a breeze.
+1 to these comments. We take 301 through Delaware/ Maryland to avoid DC traffic. When you get to Savannah head for St Augustine and then cut cross country to Ocala. It's a lot nicer drive although 75 construction is currently a pain but you'd get that coming from Lake City anyway. I've done 3 roundtrips through the Newark, De SC from Sarasota.
If I can make the Savannah to St Augustine leg in my 60, you should have no problem! I do recommend getting the CHAdeMO adapter, though. On our way back from Boston in June, we stopped in Brunswick, GA at Jenkins Nissan for a free charge. They were so nice, inviting us in, giving us ice cold bottled water, etc. We only spent about 15 minutes, but it allowed us to drive whatever speed we wanted the rest of the way.
You'll be fine in an 85. Live in NC and have driven from here up to NY and back and from here down to Miami and back so basically have covered almost the whole east coast. The Savannah to St. Augustine leg will be the longest for sure, but as long as you get a good charge in Savannah, you'll be fine.