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Trip to Blue Ridge, GA

Planning our annual trip to the mountains, but this time in our new MYLR. Wonder if anyone has experience with coming up from the South and specifically the trip between Marietta and Blue Ridge. I know it’s only 80 miles, but wonder what your experience was with arriving SoC with the elevation changes. Hoping to find a cabin with 14-50 plug-in for day adventures, but my only concern is getting there. No charging infrastructure in that area that I can see.
You can calculate the energy required for the elevation change as m*g*h. According to Plugshare, you're going from about 1000' to 1800', so 800 feet of rise. Converting to MKS, that makes h about 270 meters. The maximum GVW of a Model Y is about 2400 kg, so that's m. And we all remember g = 9.8 m/s^2, right?

So m*g*h is about 6.3 million MKS units, which is, uh, joules, right! And a joule is a watt-second. Divide by 3600 to get watt-hours, and we get about 1700 Wh. Or a little less than 2.5% of the full battery charge. Which is smaller than the uncertainty due to how fast you drive and which way the wind is blowing.

And don't forget you get that back via regen when you come back down (minus 10-20% for inefficiencies in the motor and battery charging).
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