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Trouble with Sentry cam

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What troubleshooting have you done already? did you re format it using the cars interface? Take it out of the car and connect it to your computer to reformat it? what file system is it currently formatted in?

(pet peeve time.... I support users at my job, and its frustrating when they say "XXX doesnt work", because that tells you almost nothing).

How about some more information so that those who want to try to help you can do so?
I did a format using the cars interface because of what it was doing. Haven’t taken out to format on pc. It’s formatted in FAT32

Ok, thats a start :)

As @Gasaraki states, if you were able to successfully re format it using the car's interface to do so, it (your "sandisk 250 SSD") is no longer fat32 as the cars native format is now exFAT. Formatting it in the car is the best way to ensure it works for sentry mode. Are you still having the same issue after formatting it using the car's interface?
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