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Troubles scheduling mobile service

I've needed mobile service four times in the last couple of months (due to Tesla's inability to package a piece of trim in a way that doesn't result in it being destroyed in shipping, but that's another story). Every time I receive the notice that my part is ready and I should schedule service, the only app option is to book at a service center. When I text Tesla service, they are able to get me a Ranger appointment for a time in the next 48 hours. What's keeping me from simply booking a mobile service directly in the app? It is bizarre.
The service classification you pick in the app in part determines whether it’s available.

For example, in my experience if you pick Other it will be service center only. If you pick exterior trim it will be service center only too (due to the limited ability of mobile service to fix bodywork issues).

Basically it has to be a service type that mobile service can support. I think some items fall in between categories, for example if it’s an issue with door seals or weatherstripping, that might seem like exterior trim, but mobile service can actually service those and I’ve successfully been able to get them serviced as Interior Trim.

Hope this helps. BTW, in case anyone reading this is also thinking about trying to game that system, know that whatever you pick, they will review your request before sending someone out (usually a couple of days before the appointment), so to avoid wasting both your time and their time, the category you pick should still align with the actual issue you are having.
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I asked about this very issue for my last service and was told to just schedule a service and then send a text message from the services section of the app requesting a mobile visit. I just did that and all went well (although the mobile service was about 2 weeks later than an appointment at the service center).
The scheduling app adjusts your appointment to mobile or service center based on your selection about the reasons for servicing. If you pick a category that is more labor intensive or requires a service center, you will automatically get the service center. Your part may just be under a sub category that normally gets dealt with at a service center. Most appointments get reviewed and changed to a more appropriate destination prior to appointment date, if the repair is mobile capable.