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Trunk Damage - Should I replace it?

So this happened. I opened my garage door while my 2021 Model 3 trunk was opened, and the garage door caught the trunk, pulled it back and somehow bent the panel on each side of the trunk. The trunk also came off the right strut but I managed to put it back on with my hands. Trunk works perfectly fine, lift gate all good. It just doesn't look nice at all as it doesn't close flush with the panel sticking out.

Do I need to be concerned about anything? Is there rust potential? Less aerodynamic? Debating if I need to get this fixed at the moment. I've been quoted $2500 CAD to replace the whole trunk and the 2 hinges and then I'd have to replace the stealth PPF probably another $1500 I'm guessing.

I live in Ontario, Canada so there's rain and snow to consider. Damage is ugly, but something I think I could live with.



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Stupid to put in such a small claim unless you plan to keep it forever. Automatic $5000 or more loss due to CarFax once you go through insurance if you try to sell or trade it. And your premium might go up. And if it doesn’t go up this time it will next time (you might lose your one free accident). Definitely get it fixed though. It could leak.
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Hey OP, don't you know how to drive? Just kidding man. The same damn thing happened to me. Ha ha.... THE DAY I BOUGHT THE CAR. I said what the hell are all of those freaking chimes? Nothing clear on the dash that the trunk was open, and I didn't see it open thru the rear window. I thought the racket must be the freaking parking sensors (they always beep on all cars), since it was the first time backing out of the garage with the new car. But miraculously, my trunk took the beating like a champ, with no damage. And it BENT the freaking garage door man; I still can't believe how strong the trunk is, to have damaged my garage door a little (it closes fine too), but not the car. You must have backed out a lot quicker than me.

At any rate, really sorry you went thru that; I know exactly how you felt. Ha ha. And about the insurance, I honestly wouldn't make a claim. I did a lot of damage to another new car once on a stupid concrete 'square' the city did to protect some crap, but it was well into the lane, so zero margin of error. I decided to put my radar detector right there, and hit the wheel, and did suspension damage. It cost me about 4 grand, but wanted to punish myself for my stupidity, and also could have been more expensive in the long run, as somebody else mentioned, so decided to bite the bullet. And have never got distracted like that again. Painful lesson learned. At least yours will be cheaper than mine. Ha ha. Good luck.
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@showbbq - Thanks for this! I asked a few PDR places but they said it's not fixable :(

@MikeyC - Noticed that too, it's actually just a reflection of a lamp post.

@elptxjc - Nice, but also terrible story. I didn't actually back out the car, but I opened the garage door while the trunk was open inside. But thanks for the input. After reading the posts here I think I'll fix it out of pocket.
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