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Trunk/Folded Backseat Dog Bed Option?

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Hi there!

I’ve seen some great threads about backseat covers and hammocks for dogs, but I’m wondering if anyone has figured out a good solution that allows you to take more advantage of the trunk and folding backseats.

Specifically, I’m wondering if the smaller backseat could be folded down and a bed or some side of cover placed on top of it so that my dog can be in the trunk but still have minimal access to the cabin.

would also be interested in some sort of metal or rubber coated partition that could separate the trunk from the cabin while the seats are folded down.
We did, for a while, just allow our spaniel free access to the whole trunk and folded seat area.

She liked getting in through the back, but was a bit uncomfortable about having nothing to brace against as we were driving, and it did seem a bit daft devoting the majority of the space in a large car to a smallish (and sometime muddy) dog!

So we now have one of these and it works well:


It could probably be turned around to face backwards into the trunk if you wanted a configuration using a partially-folded seat ...