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Trunk release button (on screen) not working

Car in park.
Foot on brake.
Press the button on the main display to open the trunk.
Nothing happens.
Passenger standing at back of car finally gives up and presses the physical trunk release to open the trunk.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Am I doing something wrong?
Not seeing this v. 14.13 Screen button pops the lock


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Ok, so with this latest software update it's working, kinda. In order to make the trunk and frunk buttons become active, I not only must put it in Park (not surprising) but I must also push the stalk button a second time, while the car is already in park. Only then do the trunk/frunk buttons become active. (And it's possible that this was the behavior before, only I didn't know that I had to push the stalk button a second time.)

Is this normal?
In my earlier test the driver’s door was open so the car was already unlocked. Sorry about not being thorough. Checked again and trunk and frunk buttons are grayed out while the car is locked. Tapping the lock icon will also allow those ‘runk buttons to be active.