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Trying to switch from a 100D to P100D

Im having 100D regrets and I want to change my order to a P100D. I’m outside of the three day grace period.

My car is scheduled for production but not in production. I was under the impression I could change my order for a fee. The sales guy is acting like this is a major request and has to run it up the chain.

Does anyone else know if this is possible? It seems that if EM can put a car into space they can figure out how to let me spend more money with them.

I’m also willing to lose my deposit and start over. I did FSD on the first order and it looks like that’s years away, so I could leave that off and be in the same place.
I am pretty sure that they will be accommodating, given the chance to upsell. I recommend you contact your owner advisor immediately, tell them you are fantasizing about the P100D and if they can find a way to change your order. They may be the ones to extend an offer to you before you request it, and I suspect any offer they make will be better than what you will get if you are requesting them to do something for you.
I read another post on here that did an upgrade change after the fact and they waived the fee. If you originally ordered before 2/1, you may also benefited from the new referral program for $500 accessory/service credit. So maybe a win win (as in you win twice) :)

I noticed one of my referrals changed his order from early Jan to Feb and now my $500 credit is gone...