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Turn off automatic door opening?

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I have a Model X75D. I can't tell you the number of times that someone has walked up to me in a store, or a bank, or texted me telling me my doors are open. Is there some way to turn off the automatic door opening feature? Somehow the doors must be opening if I get too close to the car without my knowledge. I can't have my car just sitting in a parking lot with the doors open.

I think it is in your driver profile settings.

Controls > Settings > Driver Profiles.

But I don't see an option to turn it off in the manual, still the manual talks about if "passive entry is off" so I'd look for Passive Entry and disable that.

Passive Entry: If on, doors automatically unlock whenever you approach Model X carrying a key. If off, you must use the key to unlock Model X. See Using the Key.
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The only door that auto opens based on proximity if the driver's front door. If you have other doors that are opening you most likely keep your keys in your front pocket and are accidentally pressing the door open sequence. I've had the problem if I'm too close to the car and sit down with the keys in my front pocket (like at a restaurant with outdoor seating and the car is close by). Using a key protector (like the fob pocket by abstract ocean) cuts down on the pocket keypress problem, but does not eliminate it.
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Never had this problem. I don’t wear tight pants, Do have auto present turned off. Do have a fob cover. :D

Really it’s either one of the things mentioned above: auto present, fob presses, or a bad latch. If you are sure it’s not the first two a call to the support line to check the logs will clear it up.

I have auto present disabled since if you ever parallel park, it stops the door from opening into traffic.
Well, there is nothing like auto-present in the driver profile as suggested by dhanson865. There does not appear to be anything called auto-present anywhere that I could see in any of the menus. There is something called Automatic Doors, which says it will stop opening the doors when it detects the key fob. So I turned Automatic Doors off, and it seems to be behaving a bit better. Now, to open the door, I just push the door handle. I assume it lets me in because I have the key fob in my pocket.

As far as passive entry, I see the option in the menus, but it is not possible to select it for some reason, and I don't know what it does anyway.
My drivers door opened randomly while walking away from the car (maybe 5 times a week) and the service center said it’s because of a faulty programmed key fob. The replaced both key fobs!

Can’t test it because the car is still at the SC because of two issues which weren’t present when I dropped Our Model X off.

One second row seat doesn’t move and the roof sensor doesn’t work anymore...
Three warranty issues fixed and two new issues appeared while at the SC! I’m not happy about that...
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@mattack4000 I read what you wrote several times, but apparently I am not intelligent enough to understand it. Could you please expand on that and try again? What is Automatic Doors? What is Passive Entry? How do you enable them? Why would you want them or not want them?

@boaterva Same comment as I made above to @mattack4000. Maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, but I don't understand what Passive Entry is, why it is "intrusive", and what the key fob has to do with it, or why there is a delay. Of course, given that I don't know what it is, perhaps you can see why I don't understand why it is intrusive, why you need the key fob, or why there is a delay.

@Helmuth Yeah, at one point they told me my key fobs were programmed incorrectly, too. I forget why.

In any event, with Automatic Doors turned off, the problem seems to have disappeared. Now the doors stay closed until I press the door handle. Just like a normal car. I am not sure if the doors are locked or not, but at least they don't open when I am away from the car. Yeah!
Automatic door is how your front driver side door will open the door for you on approach (only available on premium package cars or super early 2016 base?) It's the self presenting door.....

Passive entry is basically keyless entry. If you have it on, hitting the chrome bar will open the door. If you don't have it, you will have to use your keyfob to unlock the car before you can open

I believe the door closes on its own if you have the automatic door, can someone confirm?
Ah, that explains a lot. So I turned off Automatic Doors. This will keep the doors from randomly opening. But to be safe, I should also turn off passive entry. Then, to make sure that the doors are locked, I should hit the keyfob once until the mirrors fold back. This will prevent the car from randomly unlocking itself until I actually hit the keyfob twice.

To answer your question, yes, if you have automatic doors, the drivers door usually closes when you walk away. But it is not 100%.
Here's where I first discussed what the OP of this thread may be seeing:
Just dropped off my month-old 100D for a surprisingly open-ended service appointment
The OP of that thread and I both have an issue that service hasn't blamed on latches or keyfobs, and the OP was told it may be fixed in a software update in June.

ETA: I'm just guessing, but I suspect that when we close the door and walk away the automatic close functionality is sometimes opening the already closed door instead of locking. If that is the case, leaving the door open might be a better way to keep it closed, but I can't remember to watch the door half the time and don't want to get out of the habit of closing car doors before I walk away, so I won't be finding out.