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Turn off Pedestrian Avoidance/Braking

2018 Model 3, LR, Dual Motor, FSD, 2021.4.6

Tesla really needs to turn this off. Not sure what happened with it but the original roll out worked well. I had one incident on a highway when a worker dragging a jack hammer up to the edge of the cones tripped it before I got to him. It was pretty cool to see it work having recorded it with the dashcam. I think I posted the video on this site over a year ago. A little startling but it worked. Over the last year it is really bad and doesn’t brake until you are way past the person. A good 15 - 20’ past them when it suddenly slams on the brakes. It just happened again the other day, girl walking home from bus stop, I pass her and then it slams on the brakes, I can actually see her in the rear view mirror, that’s how far beyond her I am. This is now the fourth time it has done this over the past year. The other two times person(s) were walking between cars and another occasion the person was on the left side of the road walking on the island towards the crosswalk. It sees them but I'm already past them before it engages. It seems to be the program is getting the message priority too late, pedestrian ahead..., where, back there now, ohh, slammo!!!

Not sure if this is unique to my vehicle or if others have noticed this behavior? Hopefully they fix it soon.
This isn't super helpful for your car's behavior beyond a referential data point, but my experience has been the opposite- my car regularly slows for and is otherwise wary of pedestrians ahead of the car and near the lane of travel. There's even one specific tree that I sometimes drive by that fools me into thinking it's a person in the median and the car slows for it too. There was even one case I posted back (albeit a few months ago) of a situation where two people were walking near the curb, and one person gave the other a small shove toward the road- enough to make them take a half-step onto the curb itself - and my car gave an audible alert, slowed, and juked the car to the far side of the lane. Sure, the driver of the car behind me was a little miffed if his horn was any indication, but I'd rather that than what could have happend if the person had not maintained eir balance.
i was driving 66 mph on a divided highway when a railroad worker began slowly walking his way across all 4 lanes towards the rail gang working next to the road.
I was in the right lane, and he was moving away from me in the left lane when the car recognized him and hit the brakes, slowing, but not stopping. It handled it well, but I'm glad nobody was right behind me, as the typical driver would have sensed the pedestrian was out of the way by then and would not have slowed down.