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Turn the car off while waiting inside

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There are times when I take my daughter to her bus stop and have to wait in the car until the bus arrives; initially, I would just sit in the car with the headlights on and just wait until I figured out that I could lift my butt briefly and open the door and the car will go in 'Off' mode, I could still use the stereo and the browser on the touch panel while waiting but the headlights would go off.

Is there any other way to turn the car off while waiting inside? The emergency brake feature of the touch panel is a bit drastic since it is seems like it is only to be used in case of emergency.

I usually just turn the headlights to off; one touch of the Controls "button" and one touch "off" because Controls is usually on Suspension or Sunroof. Although the car is still "on", well... so little energy is being expended it doesn't matter to me. If it's nice and I want the climate control off (normally with windows/sunroof wide open), it's one touch for that too. All that is quicker and easier for me than awkwardly lifting my butt up.