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Turo Model 3 in Vegas


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Apr 26, 2018
Apparently we are late to the Turo game but so glad to have stumbled across this wonderful service. Contacted Regi in Las Vegas about his new black on black on black model three for the day, he arrived at our hotel within an hour. Perfect condition and fully charged Regi suggested Valley of fire state park with a return trip down Northshore rd. Without question the model 3 was built for this drive. Zero issue with range, peppy, passing slower cars and a head turner going across Hoover Dam.
I was looking at Model 3s by me so I could test drive one and saw this review (omitted owner’s name):

“[Owner] harassed me the entire time I had his car. He was remotely monitoring me for the whole weekend using the Tesla app. The second I exceeded the speed limit I would get a frantic call from him telling me to slow down. This feels like a clear invasion of privacy... Then he remotely put it in valet mode for an entire day, leaving many features useless. On top of this, he demanded that I pay for him to uber to his errands?? I can’t even begin... The car itself was great. Solid work Elon. The car itself is why I gave the second star. As soon as other Turo owners get their model 3’s, definitely avoid renting from this guy.”

Makes me a litttle nervous renting a 3 now (although it was the cheapest 3 by me).
We have a 2018 S75 back in Atlanta so a couple easy comparisons from our Vegas ride in the 3. Range was incredible, zero worries about substained max speed (110 plus on open roads), continuous blasting A/C and no question about taking every 6 mile attraction detour along the route. Ride quality was fair. Needed adjustable suspension for a couple of these detours. Passing slow traffic was adequate but lacked the snap of our S. Panel gap for the front hood was painfully obvious. Key card is stupid when knowing a key fob does the job. Missed a couple easy turns and locked out of auto pilot on several occasions due to no line of sight notification.

Final thoughts.. Model 3 is a true game changer and I see why the industry is working overtime slamming Tesla in the news. That car was brilliant in every way and never gave us any doubt of a safe and sound trip through the Nevada desert. Placing my order for a model 3 next week!!
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