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Turo rental notes

I rented a TM3 from Turo.com this past weekend. $218/day w/ 200mi included. Great transaction start to finish. PM me if you are in DMV area and need a recommendation. Below are some notes about the experience. I've focused on points I haven't read elsewhere.

Red Model 3, 4XXX VIN, 2018.4.9 firmware
  • Car seats – test fit 1 rear-facing < 2yrs + 1 front-facing toddler. Both seats strapped down with LATCH points extremely well. Some rear seats have cushioned contours that prevent car seats from strapping down securely. Not the case in the TM3.
  • LATCH rear strap for the toddler seats is directly behind the rear headrest. Must loop the LATCH strap over the headrest and then angle down. The rear headrests do not adjust, so you can’t tuck the strap under the headrest like many cars.
  • The front seats do not have a solid plastic back. Toddlers kicking or pushing on the seat with their feet is felt by the front passengers.
  • There’s more room in the TM3 rear for car seats than in my WRX hatch. We usually have to slide the passenger seat way up with our rear-facing infant seat. The TM3 did need the seat to move forward, but not too bad.
  • My kids loved the pano-roof from the back seat! I will say that for the driver, the pano roof is a non-factor. It’s tinted so dark that I didn’t really notice additional ambient light overhead. The crossbeam over the top of the windshield dominates the upper periphery for the driver. I think the main benefit of pano is that rear passengers don’t feel as cramped.
  • The blinker signal and sound are plenty obvious.
  • Tesla nailed the design language. In the flesh, the car is sexy but not too flashy. I don’t feel like I’m driving a mid-life crisis car.
  • Doors do not sound cheap or hollow when closed. They may not have the German 3-series “thunk” sound, but the doors have reasonable heft and I didn’t detect any rattles or shakes when shut. Nothing like the low-quality sound of a Subaru Impreza or Mazda door. Not even close.
  • Absolutely, positively zero issues with the location of the speed and critical info. Complete non-factor for me. I actually prefer it. I like to drop the steering wheel almost in my lap so no worries obscuring a binnacle.
  • The steering wheel is small and thick which gives it a go-kart feel. Scroll buttons are high-quality and intuitive.
  • Seats are absolutely wonderful. Soft & fully adjustable every which way. Since the interior is just a steering wheel, seats, and a screen I guess they’ve focused on what counts. I’ve been informed from another thread that they are vegan leather (pleather?) and will last a long time vs real leather. That’s good to hear.


  • The key card detection was by far my biggest gripe. Detection was spotty. I found myself standing in the parking lot, tapping and waving the card over the B-pillar over and over trying to unlock the car. I’m sure the phone detection works better (especially the new update), but this detracted from the experience.
  • Rear visibility is low. My driveway gently slopes down to the street. I cannot see the driveway when backing up unless I push myself up the seat to get a higher perspective. I’m 5’8” for reference. Taller folks may have a bit better view, but not much better. I don’t find this to be a deal breaker though. It’s manageable, just not ideal.
  • This car could really use blind-spot detection. Rear visibility is not great and the side mirrors are on the small side. It would be a nice touch as an update to standard features.
  • I’m sure the phone detection works better
Phone as Key Issues
21 pages of phone key problems indicate the phone isn't much better. Tesla replaced 1 working fob system with 2 inferior unreliable key systems. My biggest gripe about this awesome car.

I also agree on the glass roof being pointless for the driver. I'd rather have metal. It sucks that you have to get the glass roof to get the awesome stereo.
Were you holding the key card flat against the pillar just below the autopilot camera? If you were then it might have a bad NFC reader.

Above, below, on top, to the left, to the right, on one foot, with a booty shake, now repeat...

Yeah, maybe a bad reader. Not sure, all I know is it was not reliable at all.