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Twice around the world, plus a bit - Review (50k miles)

Here we go, just hit the 50k mark and thought i would write a small review about the car, servicing etc:

Ps - Before i start with the bits below i wanted to say that some people on here who have not got an EV yet, or know other people that are in two minds regards having an Electric car and have no off street parking. I'm one of those people. I can only park on the street outside my house. and rarely plug in here. I use work charging and SuCs. Once you get into a routine its very easy to manage.

Also i have the SR+


I'll start with the Bads: (I won't go into paint, panel gaps etc)
  • Those little noises/creeks/rattles - I'm sure they move around and hide. Nothing to major but sometimes they appear and the next day they have gone.
  • Software - Every major update you need to relearn the bloody car. Front (lower bumper 2 lights) & rear fogs! They use to be on the front menu screen, now they are in the lights menu! WHY? I can hear the Tesla Software engineer - "Whiles its dangerous to drive shall we make it harder to put the front and rear fogs on?"
  • Software - i want my quick swipe cards back - Just simple data to see while driving suchs as wh/mile & tire pressure.
  • Phone as key - its nothing major, but when your car is all snuggled up and sleeping, and then you walk up to open the door, it can take a few secs for the car to wake up and makes you look like a car thief trying the door handles trying to get in.
  • Car lets you in with your phone key, but then decides to ask for Key card! - Quick fix, open door and shut it again!
  • Phantom breaking - Is it me? Every time I'm passing a large lorry i clench my butt/teeth and eyes with my foot hovering over the accelerator pedal in the readyness for a sudden deceleration!
  • Bongs, bings, keep your hands on the wheel, nag nag nag - would be nice to have a quiet button (I have Joe mode on)
  • Nothing much else to moan about as you lot have already done that for me :
  • Its quick
  • Its cheap to run
  • Its cheap to maintain
  • Its quiet
  • Its easy to drive
  • Its relaxing to drive (even in traffic)
  • Its none polluting at the rear of the vehicle (Charge on solar? even better!)
  • Its modern
  • Its the future
  • Warm car and bum on a winters day when you first get in.
  • I have used the SuC's 62 times (£510.46 inc VAT in total spent, 2,797kwh consumed) - I did have 5,000 miles free with the car and another 2k with 2 referals.
  • Used other networks aswell. Instavolt/Gridserve (New ones) are brilliant - plug in/tap and pay/charge - simple as can be. Pod point are ok but rubbish app, BP Pulse (Polar Network) were very good in my first year but are now shockingly bad now.
  • SuCs - They are fantastic, so easy to use and really quick especially when your battery is pre heated and at a low state of charge.
  • Tip - Woodall services (M1 South Bound) - its a long walk to go for a pee. Best to park up near the front, go for a pee, then go to the chargers after!
  • As above with Leicester SuCs - Park near NEXT as they have toilets upstairs.
  • Pro Tip to both above - Don't drink coffee at the beginning of your journey.
  • Total cost of charging? - it will differ for all as we all charge at different locations and at different rates. i get free charging at work!
Service Centres:
  • If you need a loan car when you drop off your car for a fix/service/health check, always state on your app when you first register your "service request" that you want a loan car for the day/s. Saves you the hassle of asking later and being delayed more.
  • The people at the Service centres are always very helpful. Nottingham SC is great. Also Milton Keynes was great and helpful to me.
  • If you have a loan car while your car is getting fixed - ALWAYS take your type 2 cable with you from your car. All my loan cars never had one and nearly got caught short when i drove from Birmingham SC to my work in Derby only to realise i didnt have one! Had to borrow a friends for a few weeks!
  • Love the keyless hand over for loan cars etc
Maintenance (Below is what i have spent exc washer fluid & cleaning products):
  • First set of tyres lasted 30k miles (OEM Pilot 4 sports). On my second with loads of tread left, might get 40k out of these (im not a heavy footed driver and do loads of motorway driving)
  • Second set are - All Season / Vredestein Quatrac Pro - 235/45 R18 98Y are my second set and cost me £468 delivered and £50 to fit.
  • Windscreen wipers - These are the best i have found and are identical to the OEM ones from wiperblades.co.uk for around £19 for the set.
    • 1 x AIRFLEX Direct Fit Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade LWDF26J
    • 1 x AIRFLEX Direct Fit Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade LWDF19J
  • Filters are easy to fit and cost £30 for the 2 - takes about 30mins to do
  • I had a 2 year "Health Check" which included brake pads and caliper clean and grease and tyre rotation £108 (you can have the filters done with this for an extra £30 i believe). Had mine carried out at Nottingham SC.
  • £10 chip repair on screen
  • £35 Chipex - stone chips! what else can i say
Forgot about the bit you all probably wanted - Battery health: (Started at 238 from new)


Any how, off to do a few more miles :) Be safe and enjoy the ride
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Nov 2, 2015
Suffolk, UK
It will be very interesting to see where it is at 100,000 miles

Link to mine from MS90D (definitely not the best chemistry Tesla have made! thus the, considerably newer, M3 likely to be better than that). That was 3.5 years and 95K miles (scale legend suggest 80K, but a number of trips were not fully recorded by TeslaFi, hence under-reporting ... but I think its values for Battery Health reflect the true mileage).

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