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Two door handle replacements will cost me over $1100 - is there a cheaper way?

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My 2014 Model S 60 has already been through one door handle replacement (left rear) for which the local service center didn't charge me anything even though technically my car was out of the 4 year/50000 mile warranty period.

Yesterday when I took the car in because the right (front and rear) door handles wouldn't open, I was told the cost of replacement would be a little over $1400 but they would waive the labor which would bring the cost down to $1100.

I read in this forum that door handles can be had for $200 on ebay so I checked it out and sure enough, there are pre-owned door handles available for under $200. Will a non-Tesla authorized auto shop be able to install these for me? Can someone recommend one in NJ (I live in central Jersey) ?
If the video above doesn't do it check with HSRmotors?

Jason Hughes‏ @wk057 Nov 16

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While they specialize on the harder more important parts, they might have simple parts laying around from cars they are picking apart.
If the OP gets a used handle that he can be sure came from the revision... the swap is easy enough (couple hours your first time). I have one for sale that was a revision, I know this because it was swapped for me, and then I was in an accident a month later and got another one due to a change in door design. I'm sure there are similar situations.
Mine broke monday, i watched you tube videos. Took it out yesterday . The little gear broke. I got an entire unit off eBay. Its easy to do, you need 9mm , 10mm sockets, t35 torque bit, something soft to pop door panel off with. Took me about 30 minutes. Very easy if you watch videos .


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speak of the devil.. finally got my S85D back after nearly 2 months at the body shop and -- you guessed it -- the rear drivers handle is stuck in "presented" position, and the door won't open.. which sucks b/c I place my briefcase/backpack back there while i'm driving.

Back to Tesla Service it will go :(
I got a very bright light and magnifying glass. Looked at why the gear broke. Seems a lot of water got into latch, caused a lot of corrosion.
The screws are rusted. I think some preventive maintenance of oiling the contact with the rod is in order for older cars, and if you are bored new ones. A little WD-40 Will work fine. I will pull other 3 and spray them with WD-40.