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Two weeks, two days, 1000 miles with "new" P85D


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Dec 3, 2017
Pennsylvania, USA
This is going to get kind of long. Sorry about that.

I took delivery of my USED 2015 Model S P85D on Friday, April 26 - two weeks and two days ago. I picked up the car with 23139.5 miles on the odometer. It now has 24134.x (the app doesn't show tenths, and I don't care enough to walk out to the garage).

The P85D replaced a 2014 Model S 85 that I had purchased CPO in November of 2017 and had driven over 29000 miles in that time.

Since then I have put roughly 1000 miles on the odometer in those sixteen days. I have plenty of observations and comparisons.

Condition: The Midnight Silver Metallic paint shows imperfections readily, unlike the Pearl White. There are small stone chips in places and a couple of other scratches and dings but nothing that is visible from ten feet away. Most can be fixed with a paint repair kit (once Tesla gets them back in stock) or be buffed out; maybe one will need to go to a paintless dent repair expert. But nothing horrible - the worst is a series of fine, short scratches a couple of inches long that look like someone leaned against the car with a metal zipper on their clothing. There are also belt/denim stains on the driver's seatback, some Lexol leather cleaner/conditioner should take care of that. This is the difference between CPO and USED - I don't believe any of these would be present had I purchased this car a year and a half ago when the cars were still CPO.

Mechanical issues: At first, the sunroof had a bit of stuttering/chatter when opening, but this seems to have worked itself out and is smoother now than on delivery day. Both taillights have visible condensation, however, so this will require a trip to the Service Center. Considering I just got the steering bolt recall notice in the mail yesterday, I should have them do both at the same time. Both should be warranty work.

Tires: Staggered 21" Michelin Pilot Super Sport. The car was delivered with tires in like new condition, or they are actually new. Overinflated to 50 PSI, instead of the 40 recommended on the door jamb sticker. I left them overinflated for a week before lowering the pressure to the recommended 40 PSI just in case they had been flat-spotted from sitting in the Texas heat - they don't appear to have any flat spots now.

Interior: Light grey with the Extended Nappa Leather trim, so instead of arm rests and door panels that feel like plastic, these parts are softer and more upscale feeling. The Alcantara headliner and dash trim is also very nice. I think this should have been standard on all Model S from new. There are some quarter-sized bubbles behind each front door opening I should attend to - not major but as I understand it Tesla no longer manufactures Alcantara headliner/trim pieces so waiting for warranty replacements most likely would be futile.

Seats: The seats are the Next-Generation (aka Recaro) seats. I'm a big guy, but the seats feel wonderful. More padding on the bottom than the flat seats from my old 85, and the bolsters fit me perfectly, my "spare tire" fits right under the most protruding part of the bolsters so nothing feels awkward. The NG seatbacks are MUCH thicker. In my old 85, I had the seat about two inches from being all the way back - but in the P85D, I have to have them all the way back.

Noise: The interior seems a bit quieter than my old 85. This could simply be a matter of it being nearly 40K fewer miles, or there was a bit of sound insulation added between 2014 and 2015. I'm not 100% sure. At certain speeds and accelerator positions, there is a bit more electrical whine noticeable due to it being a dual motor car.

Frunk: it seems so tiny, even though it's bigger than current new S frunks. I had to order a new accessory frunk mat.

Autopilot: The P85D is an AP1 car, my old 85 had no AP hardware. Everything works as it should but AP1 does NOT do well on windy, hilly roads. Three times within a 5-mile stretch, it veered as though it was going to cross the center double yellow on a specific stretch of road. On straight roads, it works fine. I don't trust it in traffic circles (aka roundabouts, rotaries, etc) so I take manual control before getting to one of these. Cresting a hill, it tends to ping-pong between left and right lane lines until it finds equilibrium again - if I drove on AP at 02:00 it might earn me a breathalyzer test.

Suspension: My old 85 rode on 19" base wheels and coil suspension; the P85D has 21" staggered turbines and SAS. With the tires properly inflated (40 PSI instead of the overinflated 50 PSI at delivery), the ride seems comparable at "standard" height - I think the air suspension absorbs the extra shock that the 21-inchers don't compared to the 19s. I do think ride quality would be improved with a set of 19s - with an equal sacrifice in grip at the limits (which I have not pushed).

Brakes: I don't know if the P includes better brakes, or if it is a 2014 to 2015 improvement, but they are more confidence-inspiring when using them. Regenerative braking also feels stronger but seems to come on more gradually when letting off the accelerator - probably due to having two motors to use for regen.

Audio: Both the old 85 and the new P85D have UHFS and I haven't noticed any differences, any minor changes would likely be due to softer materials in the P85D cabin.

Charging: I haven't tried a Supercharger yet. I have been charging daily to 80%, where I get 203 miles of charge each morning. This is more than enough to cover my almost 100 mile round trip commute, and also (by doing the math) seems to indicate a 100% charge would show the original 253 miles.

Subzero package: Winter is coming, eventually. The heated steering wheel (I have tested it, and it works) will be nice to have when leaving work and it's 15 degrees F outside (we have an open-air parking garage at work). I've tested the seat heaters and they all work as well. Not sure about the heated wipers, can't tell if they're working since it hasn't been below freezing, and won't be for several months.

Power: I haven't tried a full-on Ludicrous launch. Actually, I did - once, in a parking lot with a couple of semis parked there and nothing else. Just as I release the brake, I saw one of the semi drivers out of his truck and walking, so I had to quickly back off. Haven't tried again, since there has been a lot of rain. PowerTools iPhone app showed me a high of 195 kW in Chill mode (at about 80% SOC) and 362 kW in Sport mode (at about 60% SOC). I've seen 450 to 460 kW reported on forums and graphs with a fully-heated Max Battery mode and Ludicrous at 90%+ SOC. So I'm hopeful I will get to see that at some point.

Software: Came with 2018.48.12 and I stupidly updated immediately (lucking out and getting 2018.50.6, instead of a 2019.X with the broken Launch/MaxBatt bugs). I have cancelled the update alert every time since, until a fix is released (and this bug made the front page of TMC, which is good). The washer nozzles could use a re-aiming.

Miscellaneous: The P85D came from Texas and still has its Texas DMV inspection/registration decal on the windshield, I'm inclined to leave it there. CarFax was clean and shows the car first registered in October 2015 as a personal lease vehicle, but the original owner added several items the car wasn't originally shipped with according to Tesla's option codes that I found on EV-CPO. These include the Carbon Fiber yacht floor, the original drop-in center console, and the Ludicrous upgrade (which was a main reason I picked this car over other, lower-mileage P85Ds available). I'm assuming he/she had originally planned to keep the car at lease end but had a change in plans. I e-mailed Tesla asking when these options were added a week ago, but haven't heard back (and I don't believe I ever will) so I will have to try a different method to find out more about the car's history.

Price/value: Only $1800 (excluding the $2K shipping fee) more than the old 85 was 18 months ago. So much more car for not much more money. The new P85D included all these options the old 85 lacked: Smart Air Suspension, Subzero Weather package, Premium Upgrade package, Performance w/Ludicrous Upgrade, Dual Motors, Carbon Fiber Spoiler and 21" staggered wheels.

It's almost time for GoT so I gotta go watch some HBO.


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Apr 25, 2015
Both taillights have visible condensation
My P85D has this as well they said they replaced an updated trim piece ( the silver Tesla one ) ..that appeared to fix issue ..
Regen is stronger due to the dual motor ..overall they are great cars ..congrats !
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