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Vendor TWRAPS Introduces More than 20 products for the refreshed Model S

Hey there!

In the past few months I became known here as the guy who does things for us. My name is Iliya and I started my company TWRAPS a couple of months after I took delivery of the refreshed Model S.

I love my car, but I have a long history of doing minor customizations on my cars and the refreshed Model S was (and still is) terribly underserved. Since the first car I've owned, I've replaced the caps of the tires with branded ones within days of buying that car. My previous car - 2018 Model 3 performance (oh my, I loved this one too!) I've taken apart and put back together quite a few times.

So, having experience only as a software engineer, I got myself a plotter cutter and started making accessories for the my new car. And then the light bulb came on - others will want these things too! Many of the ideas came from discussions here on TMC!

The screen protector​

One of the most challenging things was the screen protector. Those of you who have the refreshed Model S may have noticed that the glass of the screen is slightly curved at the edges. I didn't notice at first! It turned out that nowhere in the USA a material suitable for screen protectors can be found. The screen protector was designed here, by me, it's manufactured in China, and still inspected by me, every single one!

To follow the curvature of the glass, the screen protector for the front screen is made of flexible material which requires wet install (and squeegeeing out major amounts of bubbles). Someone asked me recently, if the installation is very difficult. Well, it's not difficult, but not as easy as regular phone screen protector.

If install difficulty would bother you significantly, and the imperfect edging wouldn't bother at all, then my 9h hardness Nanoglass screen protector is a good option too. It's as easy to install as any screen protector for a phone or tablet, just bigger and it also gives you more protection.


PPFs or paint protection films​

My own Model S came with one fender PPF only and this is what inspired me in the first place to start cutting my own models. In the process, I got familiar with several brands manufacturing PPF material. I haven't tried all, there's just too many, but it became clear that the premium brands are premium, not just because they offer better protection, but also because they are easier to handle and work with. That makes them ideal for DIY projects. I currently work only with genuine XPEL films (Ultimate Plus 8mil, Ultimate Plus 10mil and Stealth 8mil).

So the PPF kits on my website are ideal, if you don't want to wrap your whole car, but you want some extra protection for the parts that get scratched more frequently. Like fenders, door sills, frunk and around door handles. I'll be adding soon front bumper, trunk and whole rocker.



When it comes to the lights of your car, you can install clear PPF just for protection, but you can also use a smoked tint. XPEL Smoke slate 50%, 35% and 25% are the 2 shades I work with. For my car I use 50% all around. Either one makes the car look way more aggressive, and that looks super nice on the road.

All shades provide the same protection as the clear 8mil XPEL film. For tints, I've tried quite a few and XPEL were the easiest to install by a non-professional.


Interior wrap kit​

This is the latest addition to my collection and so far it is my masterpiece 😁 It took several weeks to design and put together. It covers everything that's carbon fiber for Plaid versions, and everything that's wooden in Long range versions of Model S 2021+. Most people who buy this product have the wood trim and they are not huge fans of it.

For this one I use only patterned vinyls - Carbon fiber in black, white and anthracite, Matrix black and Shadow black. I've tried with matte and gloss colors, but then the wooden pattern comes out a little and it isn't nice. The patterned vinyls are 3.5mil which means they also offer decent protection against scratches. For my car, I chose the Matrix black color.

It would take you about an hour to install, but the results are astonishing.


Exterior wrap kits​

These are just for fun! All refreshed Tesla Model S come with gloss black door handles, turn signal/AP camera on the side, T E S L A letters on the trunk and so on. Some people want to make them blend in with the color of their car, others want to make them stand out. I personally prefer to make them stand out and I chose Gloss yellow sunflower exterior wrap kits all around as it adds such a nice color pop.

For this one I work with 3M vinyl films that are weather rated and made to withstand the elements when used on the exterior (series 1080 and 2080).


All products

I may not have many products yet, but those that I have are super premium. Designed, inspected and packaged in California, with materials made in the USA (with the exception of screen protectors). I also use only premium brands - XPEL and 3M. Each and everyone is a product that I want to have on my own car.

As a long time Tesla fan, I believe my products complement and enhance. This kind of accessories helps personalize your car and make it truly yours.