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UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

Hi all,
First day stander in line... Have my Model 3 since April of 2018 and gave in and let Tesla Mobile service my filters and awful sneaker smell on June 4th. Well 2 weeks later and the smell was back. I made another appointment using the APP and was pretty clear about the situation. They of course came back with the same estimate of $137 for filters and the Kool It. I messaged back..wait isn't there some kind of warranty on this? You can't expect someone to pay every 2-3 weeks for this. Obviously the stories about how to keep the air on or how to dry it out or how the software was updated to combat this are just not true...at least for me.

I remember way back that someone got an additional part replaced under warranty that helped alleviate the amount of moisture collection in the system. A google search has failed me so I thought I would post here.
Otherwise I have been messaging them that I don't think I should pay again.... and would cancel before shelling out this kind of money on a regular basis. I just had double knee replacement so doing it myself is not the option lately.

Any one else experience the quick return of the smell and did Tesla do a redo ? If so was there a charge? Thanks in advance.


April 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, EAP, FSD
Apr 7, 2016
Haven’t heard of anything to replace other than filters, and I’ve had mine since May 2018 and hang out on the various forums way more than I should.

The smell seems to come mostly from the filters-perhaps they touch the evaporator coil and get wet. I’m surprised you’re still having the issue this bad-Tesla pushed an update last year that runs the fan for something like 15 minutes after you park to dry out the a/c system.
I’m guessing you got a tech who didn’t do his job-swapped filters but didn’t clean the coil or something like that. Could also be that the drain is plugged, but from what I’ve seen that would be really unlikely.
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Unfortunately you have to be a contortionist to get the screw off. I am 6'3 football player build. Not football player money though. And so I splurged. I did replace mine the first time and lost the screw in the car...so the cover was taped on. The first guy found a screw that was close and used that so today will be interesting to see if it comes off ok and goes back on. They are redoing it as a courtesy today....
If you are replacing the filters yourself, spend the $10 and buy this replacement screw that you can turn with your fingers. Makes it easier not having to use any tools. Tesla Model 3/Y Cabin Air Filter Access Panel Screw Alternative Replacement | eBay

Here's a picture of the replacement next to the cover, the original screw, and another giant knob that I was thinking of using to make my own replacement.
Abstract Ocean (and others) sell magnetic replacement air filter covers that eliminate the screw hassle altogether.
I bought one of those magnetic covers and could not get it to fit correctly. I think it might have been warped or the original cover snapped into it put too much pressure on it and would bend it. The replacement screw from eBay was a better solution for me. For the DIY types, the bigger knob in my picture can be drilled out and the original screw inserted and epoxied in for about $4 worth of materials.
We had the smell. A short blast only. I turned on the air conditioner, raised the temp and fan to max and let it blow for 10-15 minutes. Smell has been gone for 2 weeks so far.
Need clarification. "raised the temp and fan to max" as in the AC isnt blowing cold air, just a large amount of ambient air?

Or "turned on the AC" and running the AC fan on max with very cold air?
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Need clarification. "raised the temp and fan to max" as in the AC isnt blowing cold air, just a large amount of ambient air?

Or "turned on the AC" and running the AC fan on max with very cold air?
More like turn on the heat to the highest setting and fan to 10 for a little while. That heat has helped some dry out the filters and probably kill any mold that might be on them or the coils.

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