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UI Tweak #4 -- Better Use of Map "Territory"

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Jul 9, 2015
Sherman Oaks, CA
When landing a plane, nothing is more useless than runway behind you.

And, on a smal (compared to MS/MX) map, nothing is more useless than map display of road behind you. Having the "current location" bug in the middle of the map wastes half of it.

In navigation route mode, the Model 3 interface does a wonderful job of placing the bug at the bottom of the screen, thereby maximizing display of terrain ahead.

Why not do the same with the regular (non-routed) "track up" display?

Putting the bug at the bottom is as beneficial as doubling vertical screen size.
I'm not sure I agree with this. Personally, I often use non-routed maps for context, rather than navigation. For example, when I'm navigating somewhere new and want to familiarize myself with the area as I drive by. Plus, it just feels more natural to always know my location is at the center.
I'd like to better use the map area by having something useful to have on the screen other than maps. yes I use maps but I don't need it up there ALL the time. How about some power graphs?

Agreed. The energy/trip projection app from MS/MX would be very useful.

Yeah! This is the one feature I miss the most from our model S. Besides being able to do split view and much better rear view camera (I drive with this on all the time)