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[UK] 2020.40.x


Sep 11, 2020
Not related to the car software but I updated the app on my iPhone this morning and if I force close the app it now disconnects the virtual key until I open the app again, never had that before in 13 months

It's not just me then. I swore that when I got the car, as long as I'd opened the App and had it connected, I could force close it and it'd still open the car. I'm sure this was the case for a good few weeks. But then suddenly that didn't work and I had to have the app open, although could be running in the background.

I'm one of those people that out of instinct force closes anything I'm not using. This applies doubly with the Tesla app as it wakes the car up if I ever have it open.

Oh well, just another quirk to remember before I walk out and look an idiot trying to open a locked car.

This doesn't happen to me; just tried it now.
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Active Member
Apr 18, 2019
Perhaps check the app settings


B road warrior

New Member
Oct 27, 2020
Carnforth, Lancs.
Hope 40.9 fixes my drivers side repeater camera!
It didn't for me!

Thankfully the issue was fixed at my Service Centre appointment this afternoon;
they replaced the affected camera and did a full camera/autopilot recalibration,
and the camera seems to be working fine now.

Incidentally, I was pretty impressed with Stockport SC on my first ever service visit;
they were friendly and very efficient (rear light cluster affected by the usual condensation
problem was replaced in addition to the aforementioned camera in less than 90 minutes)

To pass the time, my wife and I walked down the road to the local Miller and Carter
for a bite to eat and the SC staff mentioned that they would have happily paid for
a taxi if we had wanted one.

Finally, when we got back, my car was plugged into one of their destination chargers,
which I thought was a nice touch - do all the SCs do that?


Tony Hoyle

Active Member
May 7, 2019
Stockport, UK
They're always friendly at Stockport. Not had much experience with their service but I've got to go in next Friday to get the rear window changed (window heater started smoking and got so hot it cracked the glass).


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Feb 24, 2020
Had my first short trip out on 40.9
It picked up road works traffic lights but... as is not uncommon the stop here sign was about 15 metres in front of the lights. The car wanted to stop beyond the sign.
Conversely, at a proper set of lights, the car stopped about a length behind the second car in the queue. Every few seconds it displayed that it was stopping for lights in 50 feet, then going to hold and stopping again and so on, all the while is wasn’t actually moving. I sent a bug report.


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Feb 24, 2020
On 40.9.
Popped out to buy some essential paint before we go back into the Covid bunker (under instruction to decorate the the spare room. God knows why as no one can occupy it any time soon!
I digress. My return journey was on a local stretch of the A47. Hitherto NoA didn’t work there but for the hell of it I plumbed in home and NoA lit up, the two blue lines switched to a single and it brought me off the dual carriageway at the right place.
However. Part way along the dual carriageway, the display suddenly showed a dotted red line on the left hand side, where a solid blue lane would normally be. It didn’t last long but I’ve never seen it before. There were no warnings and the car carried on happily. I wonder if a bit of hidden FSD beta popped it’s head up!
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Feb 25, 2020
Shropshire, UK
Don't worry you're not the last. Only just installing on mine this morning.

I really was the last one picked for the team, quite often. Oh well.:)

Just about to set off on a 190 mile drive so it will be interesting to see if phantom braking alongside high-sided vehicles is reduced at all.
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supercharge.info editor
Aug 2, 2019
North, UK
same here, received notification late last night to install. Looks like I get software updates pushed 5/6 days after discovery of a new software update by TeslaFi.
Do you not mean 2020.44? .40 has been out around a month..


Jul 29, 2020
Leeds/Bradford Area
Do you not mean 2020.44? .40 has been out around a month..
Hi CMc1, I was referring to specifically 2020.40.9, According to TeslaFi it was only discovered 6 days ago. Previously had 2020.40.8 installed which took 5 days from discovery on TeslaFi to be pushed to my car and repeat for 2020.40.4.
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Glan gluaisne

Supporting Member
Sep 11, 2019
FWIW, mine only got around to installing 40.9 this morning, no sign of 44 yet, which is a shame, as I was looking forward to cruise control being fixed.

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