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Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

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A thread to discuss orders, deliveries and collections (and all things related) for vehicles expected to be delivered during 2021.

This thread supersedes the 2019/20 Orders and Deliveries thread.

For each quarter, this Wiki page shows the estimated/actual delivery, shipping dates and vehicle specification changes.

Q4 2021 Oct - Dec
71 Reg vehicles

Model 3 deliveries for this quarter November to end December
Model S & X deliveries expected : TBA

New/changed features:
Battery changes/increase range on some models/builds (not confirmed for Q4 deliveries)
Acceleration reduction on some SR builds (unconfirmed change in motor spec)
Price changes (not retrospective on existing orders unless order changed)
Heated rear seats and steering when activated by default on some SR builds (unconfirmed Heated Steering Wheel on Model 3 SR+ 2021 - August Delivery)
Name change - 'Model 3 SR+' -> 'Model 3' (SR+ name dropped, now just “Model 3” and listed range increased)

Delivery Experiences
UK 2021 Model 3 Q4 Collection and Delivery Experiences

Q3 2021 Jul - Sep
21 Reg vehicles till Aug 31st
71 Reg vehicles from Sep 1st

Model 3 deliveries for this quarter expected start September to end September
Model S & X deliveries expected : Vehicles temporarily not available in UK due to refresh

First ships due to arrive mid/end August

New/changed features:
Nothing reported

Delivery Experiences
UK 2021 Model 3 Q3 collection and delivery experiences

Q2 2021 Apr - Jun
21 Reg vehicles

Model 3 deliveries for this quarter expected middle May to end June
First 2021 deliveries of Model 3 Performance rumoured to be mid/late May to June
Model S & X deliveries expected : end 2022 (subject to change)

No shipping information currently available for deliveries this quarter.

New/changed features:
All Models:
  • No £2500 PiCG unless order confirmed before 18/03 (Q1)
Delivery Experiences

Q1 2021 Jan - Mar
70 Reg vehicles till Feb 28th
21 Reg vehicles from March 1st

18/03 loss of PiCG to all EV orders over £35000 - does not affect already confirmed orders.
Unconfirmed orders, including inventory orders delivered before 31st March subsidised £2500 by Tesla

Model 3 SR and LR/AWD deliveries starting March (21 plate)
No Model S & X deliveries expected

Model 3 vehicles manufactured in the Chinese Shanghai factory ('MIC' models) - seem to be less delivery issues than those shipped from Fremont factory 👏
Model 3 Performance models not available this quarter due to factory change - first deliveries expected May

Source: 2021 Shipping Movements

New/changed features:
Model 3:
  • Revised door cards
  • Heated steering wheel on some models (unconfirmed - not active on SR+)
  • Heated radar (unconfirmed)
Model S:
  • Refresh model announced with deliveries expected in 2022

Delivery Experiences

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Overview of the Orders Process

Unlike most other traditional vehicle manufacturers, the order process for a Tesla vehicle is all handled online. Whilst they may looks like a traditional car showroom, Tesla car showrooms do not have sales staff to take your order. The ordering process is normally all handled online, either in the vehicle configurator when choosing a custom order, or when choosing a car from the inventory list.

Referral Code

Before you start your order process, Tesla run a referral scheme which may entitle you and the referrer to a small perk. The referral comes in the form of a link which starts the order process. If you use the link to start your order, on delivery of your vehicle you and the referrer should both be credited with a supercharger credit for 400kWh of free supercharging to be used within 6 months of delivery of your vehicle. This is approximately 1000 miles of free driving, worth around £100. If you do not have a friend or family member who can supply you their link, you will find many members of this forum willing to let you use theirs! Most have one in their user profile page of if someone has been particularly helpful, will send you one if asked. Do remember to use this link as it is Teslas policy that once a car is ordered, you cannot retrospectively add it.

If you are financing your car, you can give your referral code to the finance company to use. It is however up to the finance provider how they handle referrals. Not all pass this benefit onto their customers although some may offer free supercharging as part of their package.

Custom Order

A custom order is where you specify the model and options of your car. On top of specifying the model of your vehicle, there are very few options that can be specified : colour, wheels, tow hitch and Full Sellf Drive (FSD), the latter being a software option that can be enabled after taking delivery. This keeps the number of vehicle model/option permutations low. This allows Tesla to not build cars to order. Instead they build a quantity of cars matching these permutation then, allocate available vehicles to an order, a process known as VIN matching. This makes it a bit of a lottery as to when a car will be matched with your order. It would be nice to think that orders are matched to cars in the order they are received, but this is not necessarily the case. It is possible that some specifications are matched to orders quicker than other specifications, so some people may end up waiting longer than their car than others. Only Tesla know how this matching is performed, and will likely change from batch to batch.

Inventory Order

Unlike a custom order where you choose the specification of your vehicle, an inventory order is where a finite set of vehicles of pre determined specification become available for sale. The inventory list can be very volatile, with vehicles appearing and disappearing very often, often in a matter of hours. There appear to be three main sources of inventory vehicles - from an excess of a vehicle specifications built, but not having enough custom orders to match against; from custom orders cancelled before delivery; and from used vehicles either returned after delivery, or used for other reasons such as demo vehicles. It is also believed that vehicles rejected on delivery due to a fault may end up on the inventory list once the fault is rectified. As a result of this, it is possible that some inventory cars are older (and thus have a different specification) than those currently shipping. This may or may not be reflected in the price. Just because a vehicle is available on the inventory list it doesn't necessary mean that it is available now. That vehicle may still be in transit somewhere from the factory and will only become available along with the delivery of other custom orders. So an inventory vehicle is not necessarily a way of jumping the queue. For inventory cars that are pre registered in someone else's name, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to tax the vehicle. As it may not be entirely clear whether a vehicle was pre registered, it is always best to assume that it it may be necessary to re-tax, even if the cost is £0.

A Note About Some Options

Some options may have limitations not apparent at the time of ordering.

Standard vs Long Range Battery
Tow Hitch Option
The Tow Hitch is available to order only with some new vehicles. It is available on Model 3 SR+, LR/AWD [and the base Performance no longer offered] and Model Y. It is not possible to retrofit the Tesla tow hitch. Cars delivered without a tow hitch officially have a 0kg towing capacity. On standard tyres, the Model 3 braked tow capacity is 1000kg with a 100kg nose weight. The Model Y has a braked tow capacity of 2250kg with 90kg nose weight. For both models, the maximum weight for non wheeled loads such as bike racks is 54kg. This may limit the number of bikes that can be carried. Tesla Model 3 UK Manual Towbar Accessory Limit of 55Kgs Unbraked loads, non standard wheels and tyres and passenger and cargo weights may further limit towing capacity. Official weights are stated in the V5. Latest advice and limitations are listed in the manual - online versions linked below.​
Full Self Drive (FSD) Option
Full Self Drive is a software option available for outright purchase at time of vehicle configuration or for more recent vehicles, at a later date via an In-App purchase. Its price may fluctuate over time. It is anticipated that FSD may become a subscription option in the near future.​
FSD is a work in progress for Tesla. It is subject to regulatory approval and as such, its features may be much more limited than what may be being discussed or viewed on internet forums or news sites. At present, FSD (and standard Autopilot) remain very much a driver aid (such as cruise control) and control of the vehicle remains the total responsibility of the driver. The driver must pay attention at all times and hold the steering wheel - this is frequently checked by the vehicles systems and failure to do so may degrade Autopilot, FSD safety and performance.​
Potential purchases of FSD are advised to check and understand the FSD feature set and its limitations and that some FSD functionality may not meet their requirements during their course of ownership, hire or lease. FSD is not transferrable to other vehicles.​
In the UK, FSD currently remains broadly similar to Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) functionality. Occasionally, EAP becomes available as a limited time In-App purchase so worth looking out for that as you get 95% of the UK FSD functionality for 50% of the cost.​

Delivery Estimates

When configuring your vehicle you may see a delivery estimate. It is only that, an estimate, and they are known to be wide of the mark. You may be waiting longer for your vehicle, of get lucky and get one sooner. No one, including most Tesla staff, knows for sure when your vehicle may be delivered to you until much further down the delivery process. Read on and you will learn about the various clues that you can look out for to determine how long you may need to wait for delivery of your car.

Reservation Numbers (RN)

Once you have ordered your car, you will get a reservation number, often referred to as a RN. This can be used if needing to refer to your order for any reason, such as purchasing an accessory. If purchasing via a finance company, your RN may take some time to be issued to you. It is the first clue that your order for a car is in the system.

Trade In

Tesla offer a vehicle trade in. Tesla trade in values do seem to come towards the bottom of the valuation list, but it does offer you the convenience of driving to the collection point in your old vehicle and driving home in your new Tesla. Vehicles traded in appear to go very quickly to straight to auction.

The handovers appear to be very minimal contact even pre COVID, so minimal if any tyre kicking is undertaken to reduce your offer during handover. Tesla appear to honour original prices when collection dates slip for no fault of the customer, such as vehicle collection estimates being wrong. They have also been known to turn a blind eye when a vehicle has recently slipped into its scheduled service window.

The trade in occurs at the very start of the collection process. Once the car is handed over, it is not possible to back out if you later decide to reject your vehicle. Tesla should handle all the paperwork for the DVLA and, if relevant, organise any road tax refund. This normally occurs very quickly, possibly during the following week. It is worth making a copy of the original V5 prior to handing over to Tesla and separately registering the trade in online with DVLA for peace of mind. Tell DVLA you've sold, transferred or bought a vehicle - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
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Overview of the Delivery Process

Vehicle Manufacture
All UK vehicles are currently manufactured in the Tesla Freemont factory. Battery packs are assembled in the Nevada Gigafactory prior to final vehicle assembly in Fremont.
Prior to shipping to Europe, Model S and X vehicles are partially disassembled and containerised for shipping to Tilburg in the Nederland's where they are reassembled and shipped to their final destination.
2021 may start seeing some RHD vehicles manufactured in Shanghai, China whilst the new Gigafactory in Berlin may start production of certain vehicles.

2021 Shipping Movements

Charge Point Installation / OLEV Grant
Work In Progress

VIN Matching
Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

Personalised / Cherished Number Plates
As a rule of thumb, Tesla do not get involved with personalised/cherished number plates. Cars will be initially registered and delivered with a Tesla assigned plate. Once the V5 documentation is received, the personalised/cherished number plate can then be assigned to the vehicle, insurance updated and new plates fitted in the standard way. Tesla supplied number plates are made of metal and are a little thinner than many acrylic plates. It is possible that a quick swap reusing the Tesla standard plate holder may not be easily achievable. Tesla can supply alternate plates at a cost or alternate fixing methods can be used.

Work in progress - for Tesla too!

Collection / Delivery
Work in progress

V5 / Log Book
The V5 is posted by the DVLA to the owner registered with Tesla normally during the week following collection/delivery. Some finance options are such that ownership remains with the finance company and they may retain the V5 document. The V5 document may be needed as proof of eligibility for purchasing replacement number plates, congestion charge discount etc.

Delivery Firmware Version
Cars are not normally delivered with particularly recent software. Old versions are not a particular cause for concern as vehicles are often manufactured many months before delivery. Often its an odd version not normally seen as part of normal OTA updates, see below. Its not unusual for it to take several weeks to get the first OTA update, but may be much sooner.
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Post Delivery

OTA Firmware Updates
Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates are currently a fairly unique feature of Tesla vehicles not found in the majority of other vehicles. OTA updates allow new or changed features, or bug fixes to be pushed to your vehicle without any service centre visit.

The exact timings of updates is unknown and is part of the Tesla magic, but generally, a major firmware update occurs once a month, possibly with minor updates and bug fixes in between. The format of a version is typically yyyy.ww often followed by xx or xx.yy. yyyy is the year the firmware was designated, ww the week (normally 4 week cycle) and xx and yy are usually minor feature version and/or bug fixes. Occasionally a major feature or change comes with a minor version designation, but unless this is the case, release notes normally only change with the major version. Just because a release note has not changed does not mean that a significant change may not have occurred. It is not unusual to find a feature or behavioural change to have occurred even with no mention of it in the release notes.

There is no cost for OTA firmware updates unless you are purchasing an additional feature such as FSD.

It is not possible to force an update to your car. Tesla do staged rollouts over a period of time, normally starting with a very small number of vehicles and slowing increasing. Specific vehicles are targeted for release, often by model and specification, and/or geographical region. It is highly possible that otherwise identical specification vehicles in the same region will get their updates at a different times. There is a standard/advanced software setting that may allow some choice of when your vehicle will be targeted, the standard setting normally slowing the frequency of updates. It is up to the user to control the installation time (notification appears in the car and normally in the app) and whilst it is possible to ignore an update, you will be reminded of its availability before every drive.

Whilst availability of updates can be notified at any time that the car has an internet connection, except in exceptional circumstances updates can only be downloaded whilst connected to the internet via a WIFI connection. When scheduling your download and install, it is worth noting that downloads and updates do take time and may infrequently not complete successfully.

Navigation Updates

Navigation (and entertainment) updates are similar to OTA firmware updates except they are not normally notified so may install without any user intervention or even awareness. Navigation updates are very infrequent, possibly once or twice a year.

There is no cost for navigation updates.

Premium Connectivity

Premium Connectivity adds a number enhanced connectivity features to the car. It is a is a monthly subscription service which costs £9.99/month. A free trial exists for new vehicles, typically one month for partial premium interior vehicles and 12 months for premium interior vehicles. Some older vehicles have Premium Connectivity for life. For a complete list of features, availability and current pricing, see Connectivity | Tesla UK.

Premium Connectivity adds:
  • Live traffic visualisation overlay to the map (behind the scenes traffic navigation rerouting is always available irrespective of Premium Connectivity)
  • Satellite view overlay
  • Video streaming
  • Caraoke
  • Music streaming
  • Internet browsing
Some of these features remain available via WiFi (such as a home hot spot or phone tethering) without the Premium Connectivity package. Note that WiFi connectivity is disabled when selecting drive but may be manually enabled once a journey is in progress. So some benefits of Premium Connectivity may be had using third party connectivity options, albeit with some limitations and potential inconvenience.

Payment is via the payment details on the cars primary account and is billed monthly. It can be cancelled at any time. Access to the primary account for some finance packages is not possible and it may not be able to subscribe to Premium Connectivity via the normal method. In some of these circumstances, Premium Connectivity may be included in the finance packages but this is very much down to the finance providers package. Tesla are aware that in some circumstances, renewing Premium Connectivity may not be an option.

Work in progress

In-App upgrades

The car has a number of features that may be purchased after taking delivery of the car. These upgrades can be made from the account of the primary drivers account, normally via an In-App purchase. Please note that, to avoid unwanted purchase, currently no additional security is required to purchase these upgrades other than access to the primary drivers app. You can protect access to the app by other means.

These may vary from model to model. The current available upgrades are:
  • Heated rear seats (Partial Premium Interior vehicles only)
  • Acceleration Boost (LR AWD only)
  • Enhanced Autopilot (occasionally available for limited time only for all new models and some older models)
  • Full Self Drive FSD (all new models and some older models)

Service Centre

Work in progress

Tesla Mobile Service / Ranger

Work in progress

Note - pricing and feature availability may change from time to time and differ from the above.
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First post and not a happy one sorry to say! I ordered my MX on. 24/11 and was told it would be March 21 delivery (in the UK), this was what I wanted as didn’t want a new car until March 2021 anyway. Completed all the purchase paperwork and the order was confirmed. Tonight I logged into my Tesla account and the delivery has changed and is now booked in for the end of this month also at a different collection centre with no email or call from Tesla! I’m not in the position to collect the car in December with work pressures. Will possibly have to cancel now I as I didn’t want the car in December (and not in Jan or Fed either), expect it will cost me £6k more with the price rise here in UK/EU to reorder. Shocked that when buying a £90k+ MX you don’t even get a phone call when the delivery date is reduced by 3 months!
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First post and not a happy one sorry to say! I ordered my MX on. 24/11 and was told it would be March 21 delivery (in the UK), this was what I wanted as didn’t want a new car until March 2021 anyway. Completed all the purchase paperwork and the order was confirmed. Tonight I logged into my Tesla account and the delivery has changed and is now booked in for the end of this month also at a different collection centre with no email or call from Tesla! I’m not in the position to collect the car in December with work pressures. Will possibly have to cancel now I as I didn’t want the car in December (and not in Jan or Fed either), expect it will cost me £6k more with the price rise here in UK/EU to reorder. Shocked that when buying a £90k+ MX you don’t even get a phone call when the delivery date is reduced by 3 months!

There's rumours of an incoming refresh for Model S and X so you'd be good to wait until next quarter:

Tesla tells employees Model S and X production will shut down for 18 days.

I'm not sure if Model X are built to order or if they're just assigned once rebuilt in Tilburg? Speak to Tesla and ask them to postpone delivery and hopefully they'll honour the price. You bought based on collection in March, they should understand that.
I’ve just received an email with the delivery date confirmation 2 weeks time in December, still no one agreed it with me. They might well have got a car in my spec become available early, I know they have Q4 targets to meet but when I was placing the order I phoned Tesla and said I didn’t want the MX before March and they said that was the earliest delivery date so all was fine. I’ll call them again in the morning as see if I can get it changed back to March. I didn’t order it for March for the rumoured upgrade but due to it being the earliest I could but the car. If they don’t want to budge I’ll consider cancelling.
After a call to Tesla, I’m was informed that my order was automatically changed to a car which had been a cancelled order in the same specification and to a date 12 weeks earlier. I did comment that it was not a good way to handle customers changing agreements and delivery arrangements like that, I found not in my account and later by SMS then an email. The strange thing is that the Tesla person taking my call knew it was me before I gave them my name or order number. Perhaps they monitor this forum lol!

Back to my March delivery as I didn’t want the car yet. Strange thing then happened 8 minutes after the call started to Tesla I received an SMS with the registration and VIN for the December delivery X which had just been cancelled. Calling them again today but it might be their automatic system again.
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The strange thing is that the Tesla person taking my call knew it was me before I gave them my name or order number. Perhaps they monitor this forum lol!

Far less exciting than that! Their phone system will be linked to their computer and their customer relationship management software. It'll have taken your telephone number from the caller id, and used that to search for your customer record as the phone was ringing. Then when they answered, your customer record would have been presented to the operative. Any identification questions the operative would have then asked you would simply have been to verify they're being shown the correct record. All very standard call centre software functionality.
Anyone collecting a M3 during COVID, what happens at collection? Do they help set everything up etc? I have the option for home delivery and wondering whether just to do that or is it worthwhile collecting from the Tesla centre??
Anyone collecting a M3 during COVID, what happens at collection? Do they help set everything up etc? I have the option for home delivery and wondering whether just to do that or is it worthwhile collecting from the Tesla centre??

Collected from a Delivery/Service centre yesterday. They help you with anything you need during the handover - including getting your phone linked up, how to set up a driver profile, some of the new and/or nce features etc.

The person helping us said he could talk to us for an hour - but that we would probably forget most of what we were told ;)

Answered every query we could think of, there was no sense of being rushed at all. Useful advice: write down a list of any important things you would like to know how to do, before you go to the handover.
My first post and a similar experience to bighevs. Ordered a M3P yesterday. Got allocated one today!

Before I ordered, I was checking the estimated delivery date, as didn't want one until March (as my current lease ends at the end of Feb). The estimated delivery date of the M3P changed from Feb to March this week on the website, so I placed the order yesterday.

After getting a text from Tesla today to let me know a car had already been allocated, I gave them a ring to try and amend the delivery. The guy at Tesla confirmed I could take delivery this month and it was probably due to a cancellation meeting my spec. After explaining I didn't want it 'til March, he said it was fine and just flagged my order to not accept allocations until after 1 March. Hopefully it's as simple as that and I will get the car in early March.
Hi all, I ordered a M3 LR in early December on lease. I had an email confirming the order and was asked to setup an account and download the app.

Since then I haven't heard a thing. No emails or text messages, nothing on my tesla account either. Is this normal?

I'm not in a super rush to get the car but it'd be nice to know some sort of time lines.
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Not sure if this is the right place to ask but it "is" associated with deliveries and such.

If I ordered a M3 today for March collection and I do a trade in quote for my existing car, that quote is only valid for 60 days.

So what happens If I don't end up getting a car before the 60 day window expires?