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UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News - 2021 Archive

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Below is a listing of Superchargers opened, expanded or closed in 2021, originally posted in the UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News wiki. Scroll down for tables of new/expanded/closed UK sites, and to the end for Ireland.

2021 Summary Statistics​

New UK sites: 18
UK site expansions: 3*
UK site closures: 1
Total net new sites, bays: 17, 172 (138 V3 + 36-2 V2)
*plus commissioning of 4 previously built stalls at Nottingham Service Centre

New Ireland sites: 2

2021 Miscellaneous Highlights​

A record number of new UK sites opened in a calendar year: 18 (beating 17 in 2015 & 2020, although more bays [192] went live in 2020).
Camborne became the most southerly and westerly UK Supercharger.
Three new sites added in Wales took the total to four (but no sites were added in Scotland or Northern Ireland).
Hartshead Moor West and East were commissioned after a long wait: they were originally constructed in March 2017. There is still hope for Fleet South which retains a "Coming Soon" marker having been built in September 2017.
The largest UK Superchargers remain unchanged: 16 x V3 at Amesbury & Birmingham; 24 x V2 at London Westfied. The largest new sites to open in 2021 were 12 bay.

The two new sites in Ireland include the first V3 Supercharger at Cork and the most westerly at Tralee; these are the first new sites since 2018 and two more sites were under construction at the end of 2021.

2021 Review of Tesla's UK "Coming Soon" Pins​

(As of 21-Jan-22)
Of the 18 new sites, 12 had corresponding "Coming Soon" markers. All opened "on schedule" although some had dates pushed back during the year. 5 new sites had no pre-existing Tesla pins. One pin for the Brighouse Superchargers briefly appeared and then disappeared before the pair of sites went live.

Tesla updated their list at the start of the year resulting in 41 markers. Croydon & Winchester were added in April; Leicester West, London Gateway were also added but removed in August. In total 9 markers were removed during the year, most of them in August: Birch (a duplicate), Blyth, Bridgwater, Builth Wells, Chiswick, Leicester West, London Gateway, Tamworth and Thurrock.

By the end of the year, 8 markers with a target opening of Q4 2021 had not made it: Belfast, Birch, Ferndown, Fleet, Plymouth, Reading, Rownhams and Trafford. Construction was confirmed to be underway at 3 (Birch, Fleet, Trafford).

As of 21-Jan-22 the list had not been updated and 24 "Coming Soon" pins remained on Tesla's UK list.
In addition the following sites, with no corresponding Tesla pin, were under construction/awaiting final commissioning: , Gatwick Gridserve*, Hog's Back, Harrogate, Heston, Norwich Gridserve, Nottingham Victoria Centre, Reading Burghfield**, Thurrock, Thurrock Lakeside and Wetherby,
* start of construction implied in a press release but not definitive
** Tesla have a Reading pin which could refer to this site or the Reading Service Centre.

UK Sites​

Sites which opened in Jan 2021

Date openedSupercharger (Tesla marker)Supercharge.info
map reference
Target openingLocation (target marker location comments) & notesRef.
26/02/21King's LynnKing's Lynn, UKQ3 2021 (early)Dragonfly Hotel (close to indicative marker). Note visitors need to register at the hotel to avoid a potential parking fine (contact the hotel in the first instance if this happens) [8 x V3 250 kW]#2,786 (27/02/21)
19/03/21Nottingham - Loughborough RoadNottingham (SC), UKQ1 2021 (on schedule)West Bridgford SC (<1.5 mi from indicative target marker). 4 stalls commissioned in March; remaining 4 in place mid June but power issues reported. Full commissioning of all 8 stalls complete by start of July.
[8 x V3 250 kW]
#2,830 (19/03/21)
26/03/21Mansfield - East Midlands Designer OutletMansfield - East Midlands Designer Outlet, UKNot previously listedEast Midlands Designer Outlet (no known previous marker) [8 x V3 250 kW]#2,865 (26/03/21)
31/03/21UxbridgeUxbridge, UKQ1 2021 (on schedule)Ground Floor, intu Uxbridge Shopping Centre (The Chimes) (close to indicative marker) [12 stall: V2 150 kW]#2,923
01/04/21AdderstoneAdderstone, UKQ1 2021 (virtually on schedule)Target marker ("Berwick") was at Berwick-upon-Tweed, actual location is at Adderstone Services / Purdy Lodge Hotel, 16 miles southeast along A1. Originally 8 stalls were constructed but then dug up and reconfigured to 6 [6 x V3 250 kW]#2,899 (01/04/21)
01/04/21LeicesterLeicester, UKQ2 2021 (on schedule)Commissioned but unavailable on 1st April, first charge on 2nd April. Note limited opening times: Nav reports 06:00 - 00:00, Fosse Park says car park closes around 11 p.m. from 12/04/21. Located at Fosse Park West, 2.5 mi from target marker (which has become Leicester West, near LFE services) [8 x V3 250 kW]#2,911
28/04/21Flint MountainFlint Mountain, UKQ2 2021 (on schedule)OYO Mountain Park Hotel, Flint, Wales (target marker was <1 mi away in Flint Mountain Village) [8 x V3 250 kW]#3,032
30/04/21RugbyRugby, UKQ2 2021 (on schedule)Moto Rugby Services (target marker was 3 mi away in Rugby town centre). Available as planned as part of the opening of the new service area [12 x V3 250 kW]#3,050 (30/04/21)
28/05/21CardiffCardiff (SC), UKQ2 2021 (on schedule)Cardiff SC (target marker was ~5 mi away in Cardiff city centre) [8 x V3 250 kW]#3,204 (28/05/21)
28/06/21TrumpingtonTrumpington, UK2022 (early)Trumpington Park & Ride, Great Chesterford. Tesla's indicative marker was a notional location in the centre of Cambridge but retained the Great Chesterford name in the url link; a previous Great Chesterford marker had a target opening of 2020.
[12 x V3 250 kW]
#3,335 (28/06/21)
30/06/21AberystwythAberystwyth, UKQ2 2021 (on schedule)Park Lodge Hotel, Aberystwyth (indicative marker was in town centre). At start of 2021 target was Q3 2021 so site opened ahead of schedule by that measure.
[6 x 250 kW]
#3,360 (01/07/21)
30/06/21TrenthamTrentham, UKQ4 2021 (early)Trentham Estate shopping village (at location indicated by Tesla's target marker). [8 x V3 250 kW]#3,355 (30/06/21)
27/08/21CamborneCamborne, UKNot previously listed*Cornwall College campus (on the A30 between Redruth and Camborne). *Nearest marker is Newquay ~15 mi away (see below).
[8 x V3 250 kW]
#3,549 (27/08/21)
11/09/21SevenoaksSevenoaks, UKQ3 2021 (on schedule)Donnington Manor Hotel near the junction of the M25 & M26 (Tesla's indicative marker was nearby in town centre). Prior to April 2021 target was Q2 2021 so site opening behind schedule by that measure. [8 x V3 250 kW]#3,579 (11/09/21)
28/09/21Hartshead Moor East SuperchargerHartshead Moor, UK - EastboundLate*: Built in 2017!Welcome Break Hartshead Moor. Long delay between construction and commissioning rumoured to be caused by wayleave issue for running power across neighbouring golf course.
(*Tesla's map marker was removed in January 2021, briefly reinstated in August with a target date of Q4 2021, then removed again.)
[6 x V2 150 kW]. Charger cabinet and bases exist for two further stalls which have been removed but could eventually be reinstated.
28/09/21Hartshead Moor West SuperchargerHartshead Moor, UK - WestboundLate*: Built in 2017!Welcome Break Hartshead Moor (see also Hartshead Moor - Eastbound)
[6 x V2 150 kW]. As with eastbound site, charger cabinet and bases exist for two further stalls.
01/10/21FlimwellFlimwell, UKNot previously listedFlimwell Park development: mixed-use woodland centre on A268 near junction with A21, East Sussex (no known previous marker)
[6 x V3 250 kW]
#3,653 (01/10/21)
07/10/21DerbyDerbion shopping centreNot previously listed4th floor of the Derbion shopping centre car park (no known previous marker). 6 commissioned initially with the remaining 6 online by the end of November.
[12 x V2 150 kW]
#3,662 (07/10/21)

Sites which expanded/upgraded in 2021

Date openedSuperchargerPrevious SpecNew SpecRef.
01/04/21Canary Wharf4 stall / 130 kW12 stall: 8 x V3 250 kW and 4 x V2 150 kW. Relocated to a different floor in the same car park.#2907
25/06/21Bristol-Cribbs Causeway2 stall / 130 kW14 stall: 12 x V3 250 kW and 2 x V2 130 kW (power of V2 stalls TBC). New stalls adjacent to existing pair.#3285;
#3340 (29/06/21)
19/08/21Exeter8 stall / 150 kW12 stall: 8 x V2 150 kW and 4 x V3 250 kW. May be temporary/seasonal (additional stalls are in pairs on portable bases).#3,446 (26/07/21)

Sites closures in 2021

Date ClosedSupercharge.info
map reference
11/10/21London Tower, (UK)2 stall / 130 kWOpened 14-Oct-14. Closed and stalls removed in Oct 2021 (closure date is approximate).#3,740

Ireland Sites​

Sites which opened in 2021

Date openedSupercharger
(Tesla marker)
map reference
Target openingLocation (target marker location comments) & notesRef.
30/06/21Cork - Mahon Point Shopping CentreCork - Mahon Point Shopping Centre, IrelandQ4 2021 (ahead of schedule)Mahon Point Shopping Centre [4 x V3 250 kW]#3,354 (30/06/21)
30/09/21TraleeTralee, IrelandQ3 2021 (on schedule)Ballygarry House Hotel [2 x V2 150 kW]
Tesla marker was a notional location near town centre, added in August 2021.
#3,649 (30/09/21)