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UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News - 2022 Archive

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Below is a listing of superchargers opened, expanded or closed in 2022, originally posted in the UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News wiki. Scroll down for tables of new/expanded/closed UK sites, and to the end for Ireland.

2022 Summary Statistics​

The following totals are not infallible but should tally with the supercharge.info database and where possible reference information posted on TMC and other public forums.
New UK sites: 18
UK site expansions: 1
There were no site closures; the 12 V2 stalls at North Greenwich were relocated from an underground car park to an adjacent outdoor parking area.
Total new sites, bays: 18, 219 (all V3)
Total UK sites at year end: 106 (57 V2, 43 V3, 6 mixed V2 + V3)
Total UK commissioned stalls at year end: 1007 (524 V2 + 483 V3)

New Ireland sites: 3
Total new sites, bays: 3, 14* (all V3)
Total Ireland sites at year end: 9 (5 V2, 4 V3)
Total Ireland commissioned stalls at year end: 52 (34 V2 + 18 V3)
*Athenry has 8 stalls built but the total only includes the 4 that have so far been commissioned.

2022 Miscellaneous Highlights​

The total of 18 new UK sites equals the record set in 2021, and 219 new live bays beats the previous record of 192 set in 2020.
In September Tesla celebrated reaching 1,000 supercharger stalls in the UK + Ireland combined; by the end of 2022 there were over 1,000 stalls in the UK alone at over 100 sites.
Belfast became the first supercharger in Northern Ireland, the most northerly and easterly on the island of Ireland and the most westerly UK site (Camborne remains the most westerly in mainland Britain).
Wales added one more supercharger at Newport but there were no new sites in Scotland (Edinburgh Newbridge was expanded): the most northerly new site added in mainland Britain was Harrogate. Norwich - East became the most easterly UK supercharger.
Manchester - Trafford Centre is now the largest V3 site with 18 stalls; London - Westfield (24 V2 stalls) and Heathrow - Terminal 5 (16 V2 + 8 V3 stalls) remain the largest sites overall.
16 UK sites are now open to non-Tesla's (but none in Ireland).

Three new sites in 2022 is also a calendar year record for the Republic of Ireland.
Enfield is now the largest V3 site with 6 stalls (Ireland has four V2 sites with 8 stalls).

2022 Review of Tesla's UK "Coming Soon" Pins​

Of the 18 new sites, 16 had corresponding "Coming Soon" markers. Most opened "on schedule" although some had dates pushed back during the year; Nottingham - Victoria Centre, Ferrybridge and Winchester opened in the first week of April (only just missing their Q1 2022 target opening dates) while the Heathrow Terminal 2 & 3 marker was refreshed shortly before it opened in Q4 with an out-of-date Q2 2022 target date.

By the end of the year, 6 markers with a target opening of Q4 2022 had not made it: Newark is under construction but nothing has been spotted in the vicinity of Carmarthen, Glasgow Service Centre, Merry Hill, Reading or Swansea.
In addition Gridserve Gatwick Airport (according to Gridserve press release) and Leigh Delamere Westbound were under construction but don't have a corresponding Tesla marker. A marker for Fleet was removed but activity at Fleet southbound is thought to indicate the stalls constructed in 2017 will finally be commissioned in 2023, along with removal of 4 uncommissioned stalls on the northbound side.

At the start of the year there were 24 "Coming Soon" markers. After updates (primarily quarterly) and site openings the total had increased to 51 by the end of the year. Not all markers appeared on Tesla's interactive map at year end but a marker has been counted if a Tesla web link still existed.
The initial 24 markers had a target date at some point in 2022; of these 7 became live sites, 7 had dates pushed back, and 10 were removed. Following the first quarterly update in February there were 35 markers with 2022 target dates of which 12 opened by year end, 9 had dates pushed into 2023 or later, and 14 were removed before year end.

New markers added in 2022 that were still present at year end (44 in total):
Basingstoke; Beaconsfield; Birch (Middleton422); Brighton (30525); Bristol - Filton; Bristol East; Bromley; Brora; Cannock; Cardiff; Carmarthen; Coventry; Dorking; Faversham; Glasgow; Guildford; Guildford (28501); Ipswich; London; London - Chiswick; London - Edmonton; London - Hendon; London Colney; Merry Hill; Newark; Newcastle - North East; Northampton; Penrith - Tebay Northbound; Peterborough; Portsmouth - Port Solent; Rainham; Sheffield; Stevenage; Swansea (q222); Swindon; Old Trafford; Tamworth; Taunton (16476); Thurrock; Wakefield; Wimbledon; Winchester Northbound; Winchester Southbound; Windsor.
Construction is known to be underway at three of these: Dorking, Guildford (28501) and London (Heston Eastbound).

Markers removed in 2022 (16 in total):
Bournemouth; Brighton Station*; East Leeds; Ferndown; Hull; Kettering; Leavesden; Leeds West; Liverpool*; Milton Keynes; Newquay; Norwich; Rownhams; Swansea (q122)*; Todhills (Moto) Southbound; Watford.
*Brighton, Liverpool and Swansea have alternative markers in their vicinity.

Three "coming soon" markers located at existing sites were also removed: Banbury, Fleet and Grantham.

UK Sites​

Sites which opened in 2022

Date openedSupercharger (Tesla marker)Supercharge.info
map reference
Target openingLocation (target marker location comments) & notesRef.
19/01/22Dartford - Service CentreDartford (SC), UKNot previously listedIn paint shop area of Dartford Service Centre.
[12 x V3 250 kW]
25/01/22GraysGrays, UKNot previously listedLakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock (no known previous marker).
[16 x V3 250 kW]
11/02/22RomfordRomford, UKQ1 2022
(on schedule)
On ground floor of Liberty Shopping Centre.
Tesla map marker added February 2022 (after construction had begun), close to known location.
[12 x V3 250 kW]
09/03/22HarrogateHarrogate, UKNot previously listedCrimple Hall garden centre (no known previous marker).
[6 x V3 250 kW]
23/03/22Manchester - Trafford CentreTrafford, UKQ1 2022
(on schedule*)
Regent 14 car park, Trafford Centre, Manchester
*Tesla map marker was on M60 close to known location. Target date moved from Q3 to Q4 in August 2021 and to Q1 2022 in February 2022.
[18 x V3 250 kW]
01/04/22Nottingham - Victoria CentreNottingham - Victoria Centre, UKQ1 2022
(almost on schedule)
Victoria Centre (Green Zone, Basement Car Park), Glasshouse St, Nottingham.
Tesla map marker added February 2022, close to known location.
[12 x V3 250 kW]
04/04/22FerrybridgeFerrybridge, UKQ1 2022
(almost on schedule*)
Moto Ferrybridge Services.
Marker was in the middle of a nearby motorway junction. *Target date changes: Q2 to Q3 2021 (April 2021); 2022 (August 2021); Q1 2022 (February 2022).
[12 x V3 250 kW]
07/04/22WinchesterWinchester (SC), UKQ1 2022
(almost on schedule*)
Winchester Service Centre.
*Target date changes: Q1 2022 (April 2021); Q2 2022 (August 2021); Q1 2022 (February 2022).
[12 x V3 250 kW]
21/04/22Norwich - EastNorwich East, UKNot previously listedGridserve Electric Forecourt, Broadland Gate Business Park, Norwich.
[8 x V3 250 kW] (plus additional third party rapid chargers)
10/06/22TonghamTongham, UKQ2 2022
(on schedule*)
Hog's Back Hotel & Spa, on A31 between Farnham and Guildford.
Tesla map marker added February 2022, close to known location. *Target date moved from Q1 2022 to Q2 2022 in April 2022.
[8 x V3 250 kW]
24/06/22Oxford - RedbridgeOxford Redbridge, UKQ2 2022
(on schedule*)
Redbridge Park and Ride. Part of rapid charge hub development which also includes FastNed chargers.
*Target date changes: Q4 2021 to 2022 (August 2021); 2022 to Q2 2022 (February 2022).
[12 x V3 250 kW]
26/07/22London - CroydonCroydon, UKQ3 2022
(on schedule*)
Airport House, Croydon.
Tesla map marker, added in April 2021, had notional location in centre of Croydon. *Target date changes: Q1 2022 to Q2 2022 (February 2022); Q3 2022 (July 2022).
[8 x V3 250 kW]
24/09/22Reading - KatesgroveReading Katesgrove (SC), UKMarker removed
(on schedule*)
Reading Service Centre.
*Tesla map marker added April 2022. Target date change: Q2 to Q3 2022 (July 2022). Marker removed in August 2022.
[12 x V3 250 kW]
24/09/22London - SidcupSidcup, UKQ3 2022
(on schedule*)
Ruxley Manor Garden Centre, Sidcup.
*Tesla "Bexleyheath" map marker added February 2022; renamed "London - Sidcup", August 2022. Target date change: Q2 to Q3 2022 (July 2022).
[15 x V3 250 kW] (the 5 charger cabinets on site could power up to 20 stalls).
24/11/22BelfastBelfast (SC), UKQ1 2023
(ahead of schedule*)
Belfast Service Centre.
Tesla marker was approx 1.5 miles away just north of the city centre. *Target date changes: Q3 to Q4 2021 (September 2021); Q2 2022 (February 2022); Q3 2022 (April 2022); Q1 2023 (August 2022).
[4 x V3 250 kW]
07/12/22ExeterExeter North, UKQ4 2022 (on schedule*)Moto Exeter Services.
Tesla marker identified the Moto service area. *Target date changes: Q4 2021 to Q2 2022 (August 2021); Q3 2022 (May/June 2022); Q4 2022 (August 2022).
[16 x V3 250 kW]
09/12/22Heathrow - Terminals 2 & 3Heathrow Airport - Renaissance Hotel, UKQ4 2022 (behind schedule*)Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow Airport.
Tesla marker located nearby at end of M4 Heathrow Airport spur. *Target date changes: Q3 to Q4 2021 (April 2021), Q1 2022 (August 2021), Q2 2022 (February 2022), Q3 2022 (April 2022); removed in August 2022, reinstated October 2022 with Q2 2022 target date.
[16 x V3 250 kW]
09/12/22NewportNewport - Celtic Manor, UKQ4 2022 (on schedule*)Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.
Live, on app, but coned off on 09/12/22; fully open by 14/12/22.
Tesla map marker was nearby in the vicinity of M4 Jct 24. *Target date change: Q2 to Q4 2022 (July 2022).
[12 x V3 250 kW] (plus 18 destination chargers)

Sites which expanded/upgraded/relocated in 2022

Date openedSuperchargerPrevious SpecNew SpecRef.
22/04/22Edinburgh - Newbridge8 x V3 250 kW16 x V3 250 kW
(8 extra stalls constructed but not powered on by January 2022; 4 of these live as of 22/04/22, remaining 4 commissioned on 01/09/22).
16/06/22North Greenwich12 x V2 150 kW12 x V2 150 kW - relocation of existing chargers at Intercontinental Hotel from underground car park to outdoor parking area.#4,715

Ireland Sites​

Sites which opened in 2022

Date openedSupercharger
(Tesla marker)
map reference
Target openingLocation (target marker location comments) & notesRef.
31/03/22EnfieldEnfield, IrelandQ1 2022
(on schedule*)
Johnstown House Hotel [8 x V3 250 kW].
*Target date moved from Q3 to Q4 2021 in August 2021 and to Q1 2022 in February 2022.
21/06/22AthenryAthenry, IrelandQ2 2022
(on schedule*)
Raheen Woods Hotel [8 x V3 250 kW].
4 x V3 250 kW available initially with 4 awaiting final commissioning (Nav reporting 4 available as of 06-Jan-23).
*Target date moved from Q1 to Q2 2022 in February 2022
Supercharge.info (28/06/21)
18/08/22DublinDublin, IrelandQ3 2022
(on schedule*)
Dublin Service Centre [4x V3 250 kW].
*Original target date: Q3 2021. Changes: Q4 2021 (August 2021); Q1 2022 (February 2022); Q2 2022 (April 2022); Q3 2022 (July 2022).